New service for UP students: Electronic confirmation of studies

Pátek 21. květen 2021, 11:08 – Text: Ivana Pustějovská

Palacký University Olomouc students have one less obstacle to worry about. They will no longer have to go to the university in person to get a confirmation of their studies: from now on, they can generate it on their own via the UP Portal. The university is thus facilitating students’ access to the necessary certificate as digitisation of documents is gradually being implemented.

“Confirmation of Study” is a document often requested by various authorities or institutions. Now it is possible to use the UP Portal, which all students have access to, to obtain the confirmation. Students can find it under the ELF (Electronic Forms) tile, and by clicking the Print button, a PDF file is created. “The text of the confirmation states that the student is a student of Palacký University on the date the document was generated. However, it also contains a QR code, which can be used by the recipient of the confirmation to verify whether the person is really a student at the time,” explained Monika Smitková, head of the Student Affairs Office at the UP Rector’s Office.

“The new system makes it easier for students to access their study confirmation. Every UP student can generate it anywhere and at any time. The QR code is a guarantee that the information is continuously updated. In addition, it is much more environmentally friendly; it also reduces the administrative burden on everyone, especially the study offices at all faculties,” added Vice-Rector for Undergraduate Studies, Vít Zouhar.