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Student May Festival 2024

King Michal Horák, a star-laden music programme with Bára Poláková, Pam Rabbit or Malalata and three days of film, theatre, workshops and other culture for all. Check out the ride in the aftermovie of Olomouc Student May Festival (Majáles) 2024!


UPoint includes the UP Information Center, the shop, the reading room and the UP Community Place. On two hundred square meters you can find author's fashion collection, quality souvenirs, books from the university publishing house, as well as information about the university and its services. More on


Aurora Olomouc Biannual 2023: aftermovie

Palacký University Olomouc successfully hosted the Aurora Olomouc Biannual 2023. For the first time ever, over 200 representatives of 18 universities from within the Aurora community and beyond met in Olomouc. During the three-day meeting, their representatives focused on their common future.


Olomoc - Cradle of Education

Choose Olomouc for your next big step in your life!

Researchers’ Night in Olomouc 2023 (aftermovie)

A night full of exploration, discovery and unlocking secrets for young and old - that was this year's Researchers' Night in Olomouc, which attracted a record 10,000 visitors. They had the opportunity to visit more than 120 programme points at twenty locations on the campus of Palacký University or at the University Hospital Olomouc. This time on the topic of SECRETS!

UP Alumni Day 2023

Memories, the joy of meeting and curiosity about what's new. This was the spirit of the Alumni Day, which Palacký University organized on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the founding of the Olomouc University. Hundreds of former students from all corners of our country came to the city.

Olomouc – University City

Get to know Olomouc - the university city!

Palacký University Representative Ball 2023

The summer semester started at Palacký University traditionally with Academic Week. Its imaginary highlight was the UP Representative Ball, which returned to the programme of university events after two years.

Palacký University Open Day 2023 (aftermovie)

The university opened classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, gymnasiums, canteens, dormitories, library, in short, all the workplaces and places that a student needs for his/her student life during his/her studies. And because there is nothing like a shared experience, students, teachers and staff were available as information providers to the high school students and their parents, who often formed a very inquisitive entourage. They were well disposed, smiling and patient. They introduced the fields of study, life at "their" faculty and beyond, and answered every question, even the least likely. For example, after whom the dormitories are named.


Researchers’ Night in Olomouc 2022 (aftermovie)

Univerzita Palackého  ve svých prostorách na třídě Svobody slavnostně otevřela Americké centrum Olomouc. Na jeho vzniku a provozu se společně s ní podílí Velvyslanectví USA v České republice. Americké centrum bude sloužit studentům i široké veřejnosti, má se stát místem určeným k setkávání, ke studiu i k realizaci volnočasových aktivit. Podobná centra vznikají na mnoha místech světa, v České republice se jedná o celkově šesté centrum a teprve druhé, které vzniklo při univerzitě.

Opening of American Center in Olomouc

Palacký University inaugurated the American Center Olomouc in its premises on Třída Svobody. The U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic is involved in its establishment and operation. The American Center will serve students and the general public, it is to become a place for meeting, studying and leisure activities. Similar centres are being established in many places around the world, but this is the sixth centre in the Czech Republic and only the second to be established at a university.

Researchers’ Night in Olomouc 2022 (teaser)

You won't miss out on the best night of science and learning this year either! The Long Night of the Sciences 2022 will traditionally take place in Olomouc, where eight faculties and the scientific centre CATRIN of Palacký University, Fort Science and the Olomouc University Hospital will join forces on 30 September. This time on the theme of All Senses and again from 6 pm until midnight! More at

Palacký University | Olomouc | genius loci...

MeetUP aftermovie

Jiří Louda: Coats of Arms of the Knights of the Order of the Garter

Life work of the renowned Czech heraldist Jiří Louda, author of the Greater Coat of Arms of the Czech Republic and the coats of arms for hundreds of Czech cities and towns. The book, via more than a thousand distinctive drawings of its coats of arms, maps the nearly seven-hundred-year history of the Knights of the Garter – one of the most important societies in Europe, at whose head sits Queen Elizabeth II, and whose members include for example Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, Sir Winston Churchill, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Sir Edmund Hillary, Prince Philip, and Prince William. The book is published by Palacký University Press in conjunction with the Olomouc Regional Museum. More information is available at

Life at UP student dormitories

What is it like to live in Olomouc as a student? And what is it like to stay in the Palacký University dormitories? Besides the cosy rooms in the renovated buildings, there are other facilities as well: study rooms, music rooms, gyms, hair salons, doctor's offices and much more. The dorms are situated in pleasant surroundings with various sports grounds, close to the historical centre of the city. For details, visit

UP canteens and bistros

Eat well and pay a reasonable price? No problem at Palacký University. Whether you have a snack, coffee or a light lunch at one of the FreshUP bistros, or a full lunch at one of the modern canteens, you will surely be satisfied even on your student budget. For details, visit

Palacký University in Facts and Figures

Get to know Palacký University in 31 seconds or less!

Fort Science

Place + History + Science + People + ❤ = Fort Science, the interactive museum of Palacký University Olomouc. For more, visit

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