Endowment Fund

Science brings answers to questions concerning life on our planet. Art is the universal language of humankind.

The mission of universities in society is to support and popularise science, research, and artistic activities. Palacký University Olomouc made the decision to systematically support the scientific and artistic activities of young, talented, and highly motivated scientists and creative people. The UP Endowment Fund, an unparalleled project in the Czech context, was established in June 2015.

The aim of the UP Endowment Fund is to provide support for international projects carried out by Czech and foreign students of Master’s and Doctoral study programmes. The underlying idea is that experiences from abroad and expertise from top foreign institutions will help the entire university in its growth. The fund should thus help deal with civilisational, technological, medical, social, and environmental problems.

More detailed information on the activities of the UP Endowment Fund is available at www.fond.upol.cz/en.