COVID-19 – information and measures

29. 3. 2020 For UP students For UP employees

The current State of Emergency in the Czech Republic regarding the coronavirus epidemic – and everything that goes with it – also affects hundreds of foreign residents and students in Olomouc and its surroundings. Palacký...

27. 3. 2020 For UP students For UP employees

The current emergency situation in the Czech Republic – and the special measures at Palacký University that go with it – has sparked many questions and uncertainties from both students and staff. UP management chose the format of...

25. 3. 2020 Other news and tips from UP

In connection with the state of emergency and prevention of COVID-19 disease, activities will be limited from 16 March 2020 at offices of the Ministry of the Interior dealing with foreigners' residence permits. The MOI offices in...

24. 3. 2020 For UP students

UP Accommodation and Dining management, after striking a deal with UP management, are presenting three options for resolving accommodation at UP dormitories during the current, extraordinary situation. In order for students to...

24. 3. 2020 For UP students For UP employees

On 22 March, a Korean exchange student who attended the Palacký University Olomouc Faculty of Science tested positive for the coronavirus at the airport in South Korea. The Olomouc Regional Health Authority was informed of this...

20. 3. 2020 For UP students For UP employees

Palacký University Olomouc Dining is temporarily changing its opening hours until further notice, and also the way foods will be served. You will find the details for each dining hall below. 17. Listopadu Dining Hall 17....

18. 3. 2020 Other news and tips from UP

In Olomouc and in the entire territory of the Czech Republic, there are new measures in effect within the State of Emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic. From noon on March 18th in Olomouc and as of March 19th in the entire...

17. 3. 2020 For UP students For UP employees

In connection with the latest measures of the government of the Czech republic the regime of student dormitories is temporarily changed.

16. 3. 2020 For UP students For UP employees

In conjunction with the restrictions on free movement of persons in effect nationwide as of 16 March 2020 until 24 March 2020, Palacký University Library is going into on-line mode only. For this reason, no physical loans of books...

15. 3. 2020 For UP students For UP employees

Dear colleagues, university employees and students, „Big events“ in history are usually not concerned with our individual dreams, desires, and goals. They violently intrude into our lives, forcing us to stop, change our...

Useful links and information on coronavirus and Covid-19

You can find useful information from the Czech government, World Health Organization and other institutions on the links below:

  • Special website of the Ministry of Health of Czech republic
  • Information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
  • Information from the Ministry of Interior of the Czech republic
  • Special website of the World Health Organization
  • Websites of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
  • Useful leaflet from the National Institute of Public Health
  • Overview of freely accessible scientific and popularly educational articles about coronavirus
  • Facemask maintenance? No big deal with the university manual (jpg | pdf)!