Coordinators for monitoring Covid-19

Dear Students,
Dear Colleagues,

In order to provide the best possible management of the epidemiological situation at UP and the possibility to foresee and adjust the potential teaching regime at the university, individual faculties are monitoring the numbers of their students and employees with the Covid-19 virus, as well as the numbers of people placed into quarantine on the basis of a summons from the Regional Public Health Authorities.

We are hereby asking for your responsibility and cooperation in this regard. If you have a positive test for Covid-19 or if your region’s public health authorities have placed you into preventative quarantine, inform your faculty coordinator about it. All the information received will be handled with the utmost discretion. You will find a list of the individual contacts below. Employees of the Rector’s Office and other independent units of UP should contact the Head of the Rector’s Office, Rostislav Hladký.

In the e-mail please state information below:
students: your full name, telephone number, student number from STAG, name of your study programme and year of study;
employees: your full name, telephone number, name of your department or unit.

After noticing your coordinator about your positive test for Covid-19 or ordered quarantine do not forget to contact your teacher or superior, too, to arrange processes during your absence.

If you are acommodated at university dormitories, please inform about your positive test for covid-19 or ordered quarantine your dormitory officer, too.


Rector’s Office, other UP units Rostislav Hladký
Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology Pavla Ludková
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Milan Kolář
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry – international students Běla Erdösová
Faculty of Arts Ondřej Molnár
Faculty of Science Dagmar Petrželová
Faculty of Education Kateřina Dvořáková
Faculty of Physical Culture Michal Šafář
Faculty of Law Aneta Křížová
Faculty of Health Sciences Andrea Drobiličová