Blanket Covid testing of UP students and employees to end 1 July

wednesday 23. june 2021, 17:19

For UP students For UP employees

On the basis of the cessation of the extraordinary government measures dated 7 June (in Czech), as of 1 July, blanket testing of UP employees and students is no longer mandatory on UP premises. The current regular testing at faculties, dormitories, and other UP divisions will also end.

Together with the end of testing will also end the condition to have a negative Covid test, or vaccination certificate, or proof of having recently undergone the disease in order to be physically present at work and at exams. However, we are asking all students and employees to show consideration for their colleagues, to keep sanitising hands, maintaining safe distances, and wearing respirators where necessary. In case of any symptoms of Covid-19, contact your superior about working from home or your teacher about taking exams on-line. Thank you for your cooperation.