POLAND - Invitation to Tarnów conference: The Human Being In Health and In Disease

úterý 20. únor 2018, 12:51 – Text: -kh-

The Institute of Health of State Higher Vocational School in Tarnów is holding 2nd international Scientific Conference on “The Human Being In Health and In Disease – Health Promotion, Treatment, and Rehabilitation” on 26-27 October 2018.

Regardless of how much the world is changing, human health remains one of the highest values. It is the centre of interest for physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and physical education teachers. In each of these professions the primary goal is to care for the quality of life and to work out in patients and mentees the conviction that their psychophysical state largely depends on them. Professionalism in professional work requires from us (representatives of the above mentioned professions) continuous development, creative research, discussion and improvement of practical skills. It is scientific meetings that provide the best opportunity to do this. We do hope that a two-day meeting will enable an exchange of ideas, establish new contacts and commence further research projects in inter-center teams.