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The culture life in Olomouc is quite rich. You can follow the main city events and information on the main webpage of Olomouc City council.

Theatres, cinemas and museums

Olomouc used to be quite a popular city when it comes to theatres and music, therefore you can visit a Moravian Theatre Olomouc offering quite a broad programme with opera, operetta, drama and other specific shows. Another theatre you can visit is in Šantovka mall.

As mentioned before, you can find the biggest cinemas in Šantovka mall and Olomouc City attached to Globus. Another quite big cinema can be found in Olympia.

The biggest museum in Olomouc is the Regional museum in Olomouc offering historical and traditional exhibitions from the Moravian region. Apart from that, you can find café´s offering some interesting galleries at the same time, such as Telegraph Café and Café na Cucky. Both café´s organise English friendly theatres, stand ups, seminars, and many other activities.


There are quite many places where you can do groceries or shop any other items. Just in the centre you can find Galerie Moritz and there is also Šantovka city mall which offers also other activities, such as bowling, cinema, theatre, food counter etc. Another big shopping centre close to the Neředín dormitories is called Globus to which is attached a shopping mall called Olomouc City offering also food counters and a cinema. A little bit further from the centre can be found Olympia shopping mall (there is also a big cinema in Olympia) and Centrum Haná. Olympia can be accessed by a bus that departs from Tržnice bus station and Centrum Haná is easily reached by trams from the city centre with the end stop called Nová ulice.

And most importantly, visit our Palacký University information centre and shop UPoint on the main square (Horní náměstí). You can have a cup of coffee there, collect useful materials about the university and the city, and buy from a varied range of university items, fashion collections, or a stylish souvenirs from Olomouc.


Restaurants and food delivery, café’s, bars and clubs

Olomouc has many restaurants, café´s and bars. Some of them are traditional Czech, some are more international. You can check the most popular places to go and enjoy on tripadvisor.

In case you prefer to stay in and enjoy a calm evening or weekend, you can always order food and groceries online. There are apps that you can download:

For groceries: Rohlik and Albert Domů Zdarma.

Meals delivery: Damejidlo, Bolt Food and Wolt Food.

Most of the activites organised for foreign students connected to the night life are taken care of by Erasmus Student Network of Palacký University and are usually taking place is Belmondo club or 15 minutes club.


The Palacký University has a central library called Zbrojnice where you can study, borrow books, join the non-stop study area or just relax and have a coffee.

In case you prefer to read also through any other popular romans, you can join the City Library of Olomouc or Science Library.


If you are a religious or practicing person, here is a list of churches and activities organised by them that you might be interested in:

Evangelical churches

Olomouc International Fellowship

University Christian Fellowship

The Jewish Centre

Muslim community


Academic Sports Centre (UP ASC)

The contact point of the UP ASC is situated next to the main entrance of the Palacký University Sports Hall (next to the bike shop). You can buy membership passes for the sports programmes there as well. If you have any questions about the sports programmes, please check the Facebook page of the Academic Sports Centre or email: babeta.vankova@upol.cz, tomas.valenta@upol.cz.

Every year, the UP ASC organizes a whole range of various courses. In winter you can even go skiing, learn to snowboard or try snowblading. For adventurous souls there are snowshoe hikes with nights spent in hunting cabins. In summer you can go for an outdoor adventure course of windsurfing or paragliding. For a complete list of all the courses, check the UP ASC website. You can also just rent skis or a tent and experience adventure on your own.

Fitness Centres

You can also join a university sport center close to the Neředín dormitories and Faculty of Physical Culture called AC Baluo. Another quite popular fitness centrum with a broad offer of relaxing activities is Omega Sport Centre.

Biking and scooters

It became quite popular in Olomouc to share bikes and scooters. If you download the apps, you can easily borrow bikes and scooters to ride through the parks or to the Poděbrady lakes (those are accessible only on the bikes though).

Golfing, Skiing, Swimming Pools and Spa

If you are a passionate golfer, you can check a big Golf resort in Véska. In case you are more interested in relaxing in a nice spa, you can do that in the Omega Sport Centre, or in a Theresian Spa Hotel.

If you became part of our university community for winter season, you can like the idea of going skiing. For that we can recommend you a very closeby skiing slope called Hlubočky which is quite easily accessible by a train. Otherwise you can always check many other slopes in Jeseníky and Beskydy mountains!

If you are lucky and get a chance to enjoy a little bit more sunny weather in Olomouc, you can be quite interested in going to the Olomouc Swimming Pool (both inside and outside pools are available) or check the Olomouc Aquapark which is easily accessible by trams direction to the Nová Ulice end stop. However, in case you prefer a more active and passionate swimming, you can get in touch with the AC Baluo.  

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is a country in the Central Europe. It is bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Germany which makes all of these countries accessible by international busses (Regiojet and Flixbus) and trains (you can check the website of IDOS). In case you would like to get to know Czech Republic a little bit more, we offer you some tips you might enjoy in the three parts of it: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.


The capital of the Czech Republic is Prague which is about 2,5 hours by train from Olomouc. There is quite a lot to do so we consider it a must see! However, there are some other quite nice cities you might find photogenic such as Český Krumlov in South Bohemia region close to a Hluboká castle. In case you are interested in historical spa architecture, you might find Karlovy Vary and Mariánské or Františkovy lázně (spa cities) quite fascinating.

You can also visit a city called Kutná Hora with a very interesting temple. Another interesting and fun place to visit might be a Medieval Castle offering a medieval – styled hotel as well as a restaurant is in Dětenice. Do not be surprised though, if the waitresses and receptionists speak to you in Old English!

Despite the fact all of these places are very lovely to visit, we highly suggest you make them a weekend trip as they are quite far from Olomouc. You can check all the accommodation possibilities on the website of Booking

Moravia and Silesia

The biggest city of Moravia is Brno which used to be a capital in the Middle Ages. You can easily access Brno by bus in an hour. Another interesting city offering festivals in summers is Ostrava. In case you enjoy hiking in the mountains or skiing, you can always make a outdoor trip to Jeseníky or Beskydy mountains.

If you are a fan of history and would like to see a very original and traditional old village, there is one in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

A little bit closer to Olomouc is a city called Kroměříž offering a beautiful castle with flowering gardens. We do, however, recommend you visit the castle in spring or summer once everything is blossoming. Another castle in which a lot of Czech fairy tales were filmed, is called Bouzov castle.

If you are a fan of wine tasting, you can make a weekend trip in the South Moravia which offers many wine cellars as well as beautiful castles such as Valtice, Lednice and Mikulov.


Olomouc has approximately 100 thousands inhabitants (the sixth largest city of the Czech Republic) and 20 thousand students making it a very students - like city. Palacký University was established in 1573 and is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic, right behind the Charles University in Prague. Apart from many activities for the students organised by Palacký University, you can also enjoy of the cultural side of the city, such as musems, theatres and cinemas, restaurants and bars, sports and many others!

When it comes to sightseeing, we definitely recommend to visit the historical heart of the city and see the Holy Trinity Column which is listed in the UNESCO and is located on the Upper Square. We can also recommend a nice walk in the parks with a visit to the Garden of Senses.

If you want to leave the city and enjoy a bit of nature, you can always walk or bike to the Poděbrady lakes or to Sluňákov ecological centre, or visit the ZOO of Olomouc on Svatý Kopeček accessible by a bus 11 from the train station.

In case you are interested in more science, you can visit Fort Science which is an interactive museum.

You can find more information on what to do in Olomouc in the section I want to do Culture / Sports.

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