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Students from EU countries

If you come from an EU member country (or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland), you are exempt from student visa requirements. You are not required to have any additional medical insurance, but we highly recommend arranging one.

This will give you a Czech insurance number that you can use anytime you need to see a medical facility in the Czech Republic. The Czech insurance number gives you same coverage of medical care as Czech citizens have, and also the same extent of possible free Covid-19 testing. The registration can be easily arranged in person while visiting the VZP (Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna) headquarters at Jeremenkova 1142, Olomouc. Do not forget to bring your EHIC and ID document, ask for the registration at the information desk. Office hours are Mo–Fr 8:00–14:00.

You will receive an Czech insurance number that you need to know and have with you in case you need to visit a doctor.

Some non-EU citizens are also eligible for this – see this webpage.

Students from NON–EU countries

Due to a change in law, all foreigners (staying more than 90 days in the Czech Republic) are required to purchase Czech medical travel insurance only with the Czech insurance company VZP Insurance.

You might be asked to submit an insurance contract and a confirmation of payment before the visa sticker/stamp is added to your passport. More information.


Medical care

MUDr. Darina Kaiprová

Palacký University has made an agreement with doctors at the Olomouc Military Hospital (Sušilovo nám. 5 (MONASTERY building), Olomouc, main entrance, A1, 1st floor, look for  "Praktický lékař" ) to provide health services for international students and UP employees. Office hours are Monday–Friday, 8–11 am.

  • If your medical problem can´t wait, come during office hours and take a seat in the waiting room. Students from EU take ID card and confirmation on registration and non-EU students should bring confirmation on the comprehensive health insurance they bought from a Czech insurance company PVZP a.s. More information in section Insurance.
  • In other cases please write an e-mail Please specify your name, surname, country of citizenship, phone number, Olomouc adress, gender, date of birth and your medical problem or needs. Importantly, write the number of the insured person from the registration document issued by the VZP (Czech health insurance provider). The doctor will get back to you within 24 hours, usually in the afternoon. Very often this is how most problems can be solved.

Please don't call the office, the doctor is attending to patients and can't answer you.

In case you receive an automated reply about the absence of MUDr. Kaiprova, please contact the substitute doctor. MUDr. J. Křivohlávková, e-mail:

Please be aware that this doctor does NOT provide gynecological, ophthalmological and dentistry services.

Emergency - Hospital

In case of emergency please go to Olomouc University Hospital, Emergency ward located in the Surgery Clinic (blue building) - so called "urgentní příjem/pohotovost"

Office hours on working days: 3 pm–7 am, on weekend 7 am -7 pm

Please note that every patient must pay 90 CZK fee there. It is important to take the health insurance with you! * Foreign students who cannot speak Czech are recommended to come with a Czech buddy/fellow student who can help in communication with the medical staff.

To get to the Olomouc University Hospital you can use the public transport - tram no. 1, 4 or 6 direction Nová Ulice, get off at the stop Fakultní nemocnice or better take a taxi (800 15 05 05/ 800 22 30 30) to „urgent“.

Ambulance should be called only in life emergency cases!


There are a number of pharmacies in the centre of Olomouc. While basic medicine, vitamins or tea are available over the counter, for more specialized medicine you will always need to have a prescription. If you need special medication, either bring enough for the entire duration of your stay or note down the chemical composition of the drug as the commercial names of medicine vary depending on the country. A good idea is to bring along an empty container when you go see the Czech doctor. It will help them to find a substitute.


Study abroad is often described as an unforgettable and entirely positive experience.
A little known fact, however, is that it is also a time of major changes and a lot of stress. At some point of your stay, you may feel down, lonely, anxious, homesick, lost in your new environment, etc. If Skyping with your family back home or hanging out with new friends does not help and you have been feeling out of place for a longer period of time, do not be afraid to ask for professional help. Contact the Counselling Centre of the Department of Psychology and Psychopathology, UP. PhDr. Jana Kvintová, Ph.D.  E-mail:

If you have long-standing psychological problems or need medication, please contact Mgr. Lucie Ješinová, E-mail: from the Support Centre for Students with Special Needs.

Spiritual help

Students in need of spiritual care may contact the theology faculty of doc. Mgr. Dominik OPATRNÝ, Th.D. e-mail:

Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs can contact the Support Centre for Students with Special Needs. The centre is located the Faculty of Education main building.

The contact person for international students is Mgr. Lucie Ješinová, e-mail:

Support Centre for Students with Special Needs
Žižkovo náměstí 5
779 00 Olomouc
tel.: (+420) 585 635 323

Medical Certificate of Health for Studying and Working

Please be aware that to get a ‘‘Medical Certificate of Health for Studying and Working,’’ it is obligatory for people of interest to enclose their health report from their personal doctor. The requirement for health report (medical history summary and vaccination history summary) listed by the personal doctor (usually provided in the country of student´s/educator´s origin) is often requested by the Faculty of Health Science and Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. People of interest must set a meeting with their local doctor to get their documents before arrival to the Czech Republic. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the certificate will not be provided.

E-bezpečí (Cyber safety)

An E-bezpečí Project aims on a resonating theme, the internet and its safe orientation by its users. The project focuses on the prevention, education, research and intervention in the activities regarding the hazardous communication phenomena on the internet.

Key topics of the project are: cyberbullying, cybergrooming, cyberstalking and stalking, spam and hoax, sexting, personal data protection on the internet, and hazards of social networks.

Are you dealing with difficult life situations on the internet, and you feel unsafe? Is someone threatening, blackmailing, or intimidating you using the internet or mobile phone? You can ask for a helping hand in an online consulting room or write an e-mail to

To find out more about the project, you can see the website with its valuable documents in English as well as in Czech.

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