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Exciting scientific themes filmed in a sophisticated way and appearances of prominent scientists and popular science authors combine for the 49th international festival of science documentary films,...
Universities usually take pride in their alumni, and such is the case with Palacký University and the renowned jazz pianist and composer Emil Viklický. He celebrated his 66th birthday in Olomouc with...
An important step towards solving a huge medical problem, the increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, has been made by scientists of the Faculties of Medicine and Science. They have proved...
The Faculty of Education has finally received a new facility for research and education. The new building, costing roughly 7 million Euros, was erected in the rear tract of the main faculty building...
Palacký University experts sailed thousands of nautical miles throughout 2013 in order to examine the human ability of psychological and social adaptation in extreme conditions. They themselves...
Being “a night owl” is not a godsend. A team of experts from the Department of Psychology has proven it by monitoring the biorhythms of nearly 700 students. So-called “night owls”, compared to “early...

Palacký University in Olomouc is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe. Drawing on more than 400-year tradition of higher education it is nowadays a renowned centre for teaching and research. University attracts students from other European and overseas countries. With 24,000 undergraduate students on eight faculties, it provides quality education and excellent background for research in the wide range of academic disciplines.

Our mission is to serve as a creative community commited to achieve high levels of distinction in science and transmission of knowledge and education of undergraduate and graduate students.

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