Second journal associated with the UP Faculty of Law included in Scopus database

The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics will no longer be published once a year, but twice. Photo and Text: Eva Hrudníková
Tuesday 21 July 2020, 8:00 – Text: Eva Hrudníková

The peer-reviewed journal European Studies – The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics, created and published by experts from the UP Faculty of Law, has been included in the prestigious abstract and citation database Scopus. Scopus is one of the key tools for bibliometric evaluation of the quality of scientific journals. The inclusion was approved by an international evaluation commission.

The Scopus database now contains a total of six professional law journals published in the Czech Republic. Two of them are closely connected with the UP faculty. Last year, the faculty peer-reviewed journal International and Comparative Law Review was included among the elite scientific titles, and this year the journal European Studies – The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics succeeded. “It is a great success for our law school as well as a proof of strengthening our excellence in science. Inclusion in this database not only reflects the content quality of the journal but is also based on several years of diligent editorial work. My thanks go to the editorial team of the journal, especially Editor-in-Chief Naděžda Šišková and Executive Editor Ondrej Hamuľák,” said the faculty Dean, Václav Stehlík.

The journal European Studies – The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics is published by the Czech Association for European Studies and the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at UP FL. Editor-in-Chief Šišková is also Chairwoman of the association and Head of the Olomouc Jean Monnet Centre. “I see the inclusion in Scopus as a great success. It is definitely the success of the entire collective, especially the editorial board. At the same time, it is a confirmation that our decision to establish this journal years ago was the right one, and it is also an evaluation of the scientific quality of its content. Among other things, our content quality was highlighted in the decision of the evaluation committee,” said Šišková. She especially appreciated the work of Executive Editor Ondrej Hamuľák, a colleague from the Department of International and European Law.

European Studies – The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics was first published in 2014. It is published in English by the leading international publishing house Wolters Kluwer. “We originally conceived the journal as a yearbook of the Czech Association for European Studies. From the beginning, I tried to involve our faculty, our experts, in its publishing. And we have succeeded,” Šišková recalled, adding that the journal will be published twice a year.

Since its inception, the journal was conceived as an international scientific interdisciplinary forum. “We strive for diversity in terms of authors as well as the thematic scope, which is definitely broader than just European law. We give space to political, economic or historical topics that relate to the European Union,” said Šišková. The editorial board consists of top experts from various countries. These include world-renowned EU law expert Peter-Christian Müller-Graff of the University of Heidelberg, Jorg Monar, Professor and former Rector of the College of Europe, Miguel Maduro, former Advocate General of the European Court of Justice and Professor at the European University Institute in Florence, and Takis Tridimas, acclaimed professor at King’s College London.

Given the fact that inclusion in the prestigious database is not permanent, but on the contrary is subject to regular evaluation, the editorial team will continue to strive to increase the quality of the journal. “Increasing the number of our citations is important. We will try to achieve a higher assigned value in the Scientific Journal Rankings index and thus move higher within the quartile,” said Šišková.

Scopus is an abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature accessible by registered users. It contains abstracts and records from nearly 20,500 peer-reviewed journals from more than 5,000 publishers worldwide. There are almost 200 titles by Czech publishers.

The journal European Studies – The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics has its own website. All previous issues are available HERE.