Faculty of Science’s SE terrace decorated with perennials, bulbs and succulents

Wednesday 23 September 2020, 14:25 – Text: Šárka Chovancová

More than a thousand perennials, bulbs and succulents now decorate the south-eastern terrace of the Faculty of Science, a popular resting place for students. Extensive, durable greenery was planted, able to last in adequate quality without regular watering or professional care.

“In addition to a pleasant place for sitting, the terrace also offers 109 m2 of green space. The head of the Botanical Garden, Václav Dvořák, and Milan Antropius from the Perennial Nursery, took part in the selection of plants. More than a thousand perennials, bulbs, and succulents were planted. In the future, we plan to add recycling bins, new seating, and possibly other greenery to the terrace,” said Ondřej Kolář from Building Management.

The space for greenery was created as part of the roof reconstruction, during which the skylights were removed. “Given the extreme conditions to which the plants will be exposed, their composition was chosen as follows: 10% grasses, 30% succulents (stonecrop, houseleek), and another 10% are bulbs and rootstocks. The lion’s share is made up perennial herbs, comprising 50% percent of the area. In nature, most of these plants grow on rocks, and dry and semi-dry stands. In the spring of next year, students and employees of the Faculty of Science will have more to enjoy than just blooming crocuses,” added Antropius.