52nd International Film Festival Academia Film Olomouc

Friday 17 March 2017, 12:51

International Film Festival Academia Film Olomouc of science documentary films, currently one of the most important European festivals in the area of popular science film, is approaching at the speed of light. Write down the dates 25. – 30.4.2017.

This April you are going to meet a robot battery in Olomouc as well! Everything related to the arrival of metal men and artificial intelligence in technical, scientific or social way will be revealed in both a sombre and optimistic program section that really keeps a finger on the pulse of time – R.U.R. that is Robotics & Unnatural Reason!

AFO aims to present science as a thrilling adventure, an attractive, dynamic and diverse sector through films charting natural, humanities and social science disciplines. Each year, hundreds of documentary films and television programs enrol, including submissions by renowned stations such as BBC, Discovery Channel or National Geographic. Besides the films, AFO organizes lectures by prominent Czech as well as international scientists, and debates around various topics.

Finally, do not miss its rich accompanying program, including outdoor screenings, screenings for children, concerts, readings and exhibitions, and parties, which gives the festival its youthful an lively vibe and spread the event all over the whole city.

More at www.afo.cz