UP in International Rankings

Palacký University Olomouc (UP) has repeatedly scored in prestigious international rankings comparing global universities in recent years. Such rankings evaluate the scientific performance of universities, based on Scopus and the Web of Science databases. Most of the rankings take into account the quality of teaching, internationalisation of the university, co-operation with industry and non-academic sphere, etc. Reputation of science, reseach and teaching of the university is significant for rankings too.

One of the most renowned global rankings of universities, The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking, evaluating universities in several areas (quality of teaching, science and research, citation, international university environment and cooperation with industry), the university entered for the first time in 2015. At that time, it ranked among the 800 most respected universities in 70 countries. In the most up-to-date ranking for 2021, Palacký University once again found itself in good company. Ranking for this year assessed nearly 1,600 most respected universities in 93 countries, where UP occupies the position between the 601st and 800th place.

In 2016 Palacký University has been included in the prestigeous international QS World University Rankings. The Rankings list more than 1000 universities. The Czech Republic is represented by ten universities, and Palacký University is on the fifth position among them, being globally ranked within the 591–600 positions.

In the QS CECA sub-index of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, a total of 400 universities from 29 countries were evaluated for the year 2021. Palacký University ranked 37th and thus improved the previous year by seven positions. It was also the best in the Czech Republic in the Citations per paper indicators (8th overall in the ranking) and International Faculty (24th overall in the ranking).

In 2017, Palacký University placed on the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU, or Shanghai Ranking) for the first time, occupied 601st to 700th position, and is featured in all the so-called "Great Three" rankings - together with Shanghai rankings are THE World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings. In the latest issue for the year 2020 Palacký University defended its best ranking so far, and with its 501st–600th position holds second place in the Czech Republic.

In the context of ARWU, Palacký University has also ranked at the top positions in recent years. Her Faculty of Physical Culture positioned 151th to 200th on the global rankings of the Shanghai Ranking Sports Schools in its last edition and has been in this category for the second year as the Czech number one. This sub-ranking mainly evaluates the institutions' scientific research. Physical education in Olomouc is considered to be at the same level as at the University of Edinburgh, Florida State University or Australian Murdoch University.

The placement of Palacký University among the world’s top universities was confirmed by the journal U.S. News & World Report, featuring the world-renowned U. S. News and World Report Best Global Universities Rankings. In the 2015 edition of the rankings, UP has stepped up to the 473th position among the 800 most respected universities, jumping fifteen positions compared to last year. In 2016 Palacký University achieved the 494th position, but since the previous year, another 250 universities have been put on the list, and even the monitored indicators had changed. In the national comparison, UP had stepped up one position and was the second after Charles University. In the most recent ranking published in October 2020, Palacký University ranked 529th in the global ranking, even improved 9 places to 228th in the European ranking, and still holds 3rd place in the Czech Republic, behind Charles University and Czech Technical University, despite the inclusion of eleven Czech universities in the ranking.

The U-Multirank presents a slightly different concept of ranking of areas related to educational and teaching activities, research, knowledge transfer, the level of internationalization and regional engagement. Although at first glance it does not differ significantly from the above-mentioned charts, it is unique in its approach. U-Multirank does not evaluate the overall score but allows the user to choose an important criterion for him to compare the university with a competitive university environment.

Other rankings

Also of interest is Cross Ranking, which is published under the Education Policy Centre of Charles University's Faculty of Education and links the assessment of the three rankings mentioned above to the so-called The Big Three (THE, QS, Shanghai). In the latest edition, in 2019, Palacký University improved 62 places when it took 555th position. Overall, 17 domestic universities scored in this ranking.

In the ranking of the world’s best universities provided by The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), Palacký University Olomouc in 2019 placed 572th, rising 38 places compared to last year’s CWUR ranking. The one thousand ranked universities represent a mere 3 percent of all the universities in the world.

Palacký University also succeeded, due to its high number of important scientific publications, in the international ranking CWTS (Centre for Science and Technology Studies) Leiden Ranking 2020. Based on an indicator of the total number of publications, Palacký University ranked 228th in Europe and 668th in the world.


  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) - - - 601-700 601-700 501-600 501-600
U. S. News Best Global Universities Rankings 488 473 494 479 489 519 529
THE World University Rankings - 501-600 601-800 601-800 601-800 601–800 601-800
QS World University Rankings - - 651-700 701-750 651-700 601–650 591–600
The Center of World University Rankings (CWUR) 804 724 658 600 610 572 573
QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia Ranking 71-80 64 59 56 46 44 37