Discounts and benefits for employees

We appreciate you are working for us. We would like to create the best conditions for you. We believe that we can contribute to your satisfaction by offering discounts and benefits which are provided by ourselves or by our external partners.

For more information on the benefits on offer, please write to: or call +420 585 631 162.

What your employer offers

Meal vouchers

Employees have the possibility to pay for their lunches with meal vouchers at restaurants. The amount of the voucher and its issuer are decided upon by the management of the individual facilities of the university.

University dining facilities

You will find quick and quality food for reasonable prices at university dining facilities. Ordering complete meals on-line, including soup and salad, will save you time. For more information, see the UP Dining and Accommodation webpages.

Accommodation in university-owned flats

You can take advantage of the possibility of favourable rental rates of several university-owned flats. These are flats in housing estates and brick flats of different dispositions in various locales throughout Olomouc (Nové Sady, Neředín, Jiřího z Poděbrad Street, etc.). This offer applies to employees who are permanently employed at UP; upon cessation of employment at UP, the lease agreement is automatically terminated. For information about the application procedure or availability of flats, please contact Eva Stehlíková - or Aneta Stonová -

Accommodation at UP dormitories

You can take advantage of interesting and suitable short- and long-term accommodation at reduced prices in the dormitory on Vančurova Street. We offer accommodation in single and double rooms, equipped with sanitary facilities. For more information, see the UP Dining and Accommodation webpages.

UP Sporting Days

Twice a year, you can spend your workday actively, sporting. A rich and varied offer of sporting activities has been prepared for you by the UP Academic Sport Centre.

You can get the programme in advance via e-mail.

Microsoft Office 365 – Free download

UP employees have the possibility of installing up to five packages of Office for free. More information is available at the UP WIKI.

Social Fund

Palacký University Olomouc provides its employees various contributions from the Social Fund. Individual faculties and facilities decide on the form and the amount of the contribution.

Types of contributions from the Social Fund:

  • Contributions to the pension and private life insurance
  • Culture and sport
  • Rehabilitation, vitamins and vaccinacions
  • Catering allowance
  • Jubilee presents
  • Interest-free repayable loans to bridge the difficult financial situation

What UP facilities offer

Academic Sport Centre

Thanks to the Academic Sport Centre, you have the opportunity to play sports at the reduced prices of 400 CZK per semester. After getting your membership card, you can choose up to five available sports. The Academic Sport Centre also offers discounts on sport accommodation and courses which take place several times a year. You can also use benefit vouchers (Sodexo, Flexipass, Edenred etc.). Follow what’s on offer on the webpages

Active recreation and accommodation

We offer active and attractive holidays in facilities which UP operates or closely cooperates. Choose a holiday according to your desires and draw strength from an active break in natural surroundings!

•  Pastviny recreational complex

•  UP Faculty of Science facility in Karlov

BALUO Application Centre

The one-of-a-kind science and technology park, aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, the prevention of civilisational diseases and optimisation of physical activity, offers employees a discount on annual club membership! Membership costs 950 CZK. For more information, go to:

Confucius Institute at UP

Employees can take advantage of learning Chinese for free. One can choose from courses of various levels of advancement. Detailed information on courses, deadlines and course organisation can be found at

Fort Science

Fort Science is the first interactive museum which popularises science for the entire family. Fort Science is located in Olomouc’s Crown Fortress complex. Employees who present their UP ID cards will get a 20% discount on admission. For more information, see the Fort Science webpages:

Palacký University Archery Range

UP employees and their family members can get a 30% discount upon showing their UP ID cards. For more information, see the UP Archery Range webpages.

Palacký University Press and Bookshop

In the UP Bookshop, we offer a 10% discount when presenting your UP ID card. The discount even applies to publications from other publishing houses. The discount is limited to 1 copy of each title per purchase. For more information, go to the UP Press e-shop:, or the UP Press webpages:

UP Kindergarten

Employees can take advantage of the option to entrust their children to the care of professionals while they work. For more information on the operation of the kindergarten, requirements for enrolment and capacity, see the webpages at

UPlift Language School

Learn languages from trained professionals in the inspiring environment of the Faculty of Arts. The UPlift language school offers a 10% discount for all courses on offer. More information is available at the UPlift webpages:


In our stylish information centre on Olomouc’s Upper Square, we offer discounts of 10% on in-shop purchases. Simply show your employee card, or we will look you up in the employee database. More information is available on the UPoint webpages:

UP Science and Technology Park

We offer UP employees and students consultations on transfer technology, intellectual property protection and business plans. We offer help in starting a business.

What our external partners offer

ANAG Bookstore

The specialized ANAG Bookstore offers a wide range of specialist literature (from the field of law, taxes, economy, wages, management, marketing, social sciences, languages etc.) and textbooks for high schools and universities.

Every employee of Palacky University in Olomouc obtains the following discounts at ANAG bookstore:

  • 20% discount on law books from C.H.Beck publisher,
  • 15% discount on books from Anag and Leges,
  • 10% discount on other publications.

Discount can be applied upon presentation of the employee's card only in the bookstore ANAG in Olomouc, Ostružnická 8,

Atlant taxi

Upon presenting your UP ID card, you will get a discount of 28% on the regular tariff for 1km and 57% from the normal starting rate in the current price list.


ČSOB (Československá obchodní banka / Czechoslovak Commercial Bank) has prepared a package of above-standard benefits for all UP employees. In order to take advantage of them, you must already have or start an account with ČSOB, or Poštovní spořitelna, where your monthly pay will be sent, and identify yourself by the UP employee card.

Among the products available in the ČSOB Motivační (Incentive) programme are:

  • Plus Konto - Plus Account, free account maintenance, incoming and outgoing domestic payments free of charge, two contactless payment cards and payment stickers free of charge, and more.
  • ČSOB Premium - Your personal banker and special Premium telephone hotline, prestige account and exclusive payment cards with the highest level of insurance, exclusive investment products, and more. More information is available at 
  • State-supported products - supplemental retirement savings and life insurance.
  • Loan for anything - unspecified purpose; no service or maintenance fees, repayment of the loan within 30 days if you decide against it, 4.9% a.p.r.
  • Loan for better housing - loan for purchase or modernisation of housing, only 4.9% a.p.r.
  • Loan for a car - fixed rate 3.99% a.p.r., financing the purchase of new or used cars (up to 7 years old).
  • Mortgage with a lowered interest rate of 0.2%
  • Insurance Náš domov (Our Home), Insurance Naše auto (Our Car) – discount on insurance 15%.
  • Investment funds - discount on the initial fee of 50%.
  • ČSOB NaNákupy (GoShopping) - simple smartphone app for payments and storing loyalty cards; you can make payments even when there is no signal or without mobile data services.
    • The World of Rewards - a loyalty programme, the gained points (by card payments, permanent orders, or agreement on a new product) are exchanged for catalogue gifts and discounts at partners. More at

    An overview of all the benefits of the ČSOB Motivační (Incentive) programme is available at This offer is available only to UP employees. For login information, please, contact us via e-mail

    For detailed information, please contact Ms. Lada Kaderková (734 166 326) or at ČSOB Bank branch, Horní nám. 6, Olomouc.


UP employees can buy in the DATART e-shop for VIP prices. Just register at, where you will also find complete rules. At the next login you will use the VIP code, which we will be happy to provide on request  ( The program is intended exclusively for UP employees and its sharing to third parties is undesirable.

Komerční banka

UP employees can take advantage of discounted KB bank services and set up the “MůjÚčet Plus” (My Account Plus) account free of charge. Newly the offer is valid also for a spouse of the employee.

Other preferential services:
•    Processing of a mortgage or a loan free of charge
•    30% discount on property insurance
•    Taking out the building society account Blue Pyramids for free
•    Assistance with complete bank transfer from another bank
More information about the offer you can find in the information leaflet (in Czech) or at KB's branches. These preferential KB banking services are offered to UP employees who have a Contract of Employment with UP. Please, submit a copy of your "Confirmation of Employment". You may download the copy of the certificate or obtain it at UP Human Resources Offices.
The offer is valid from November 1, 2018, to October 31, 2021.


Kosmas Bookstore offers a wide selection of Czech and world fiction, children's books, and professional literature. Currently there are 28 branches all over the country. Every employee of Palacký University Olomouc obtains a discount of 13% in the bookshops after the presentation of the employee's card.


Get the MAKRO card and a number of benefits associated with it! Just fill in a simple registration form with your personal data and a registration number that we will be happy to send to you on request ( Please do not specify Palacký University as a recipient of commercial communications (leaflets, magazines) when you register online or on the shop counter. You may collect your MACRO card at the shop you chose when registering. You must have your valid identity card and a Palacký University employee card. You can only utilize the benefits of a MAKRO card if you have a Contract of Employment with Palacký University.


UP employees have a 10% discount on purchases at OBI upon showing one’s UP ID card at the register (not applicable to special sales events nor items already discounted).

OMEGA Sport and Health Centre

UP employees have the option of discounts for various programmes and services. Annual membership for UP employees is 5,760 CZK (1,200 less than standard price). "Million Circle" programme is free of charge for one month, or for 18 % discount, for one year or 3 months on non-membership price. UP employees have a 10% discount on the diagnostic programme upon showing one’s UP ID card.
Offer to UP employees
More information at


Do you like cycling? Upon presenting an employee card, the UP staff can use a 5% discount on all the goods offered in Otosport shop which specializes on cycling equipment of all kinds. The shop is located in the UP Sports Hall. More info at

Premiere Cinemas

Each employee has a 40 CZK discount on basic admission; i.e. for 2D films, the price is 125 CZK as opposed to the normal 165 CZK, and for 3D films the price is 155 CZK as opposed to the normal 195 CZK. During one transaction, employees after showing their UP ID card can order any number of tickets. There is no time limit for buying discount tickets. One can also pay with food vouchers and gift certificates from the firms Sodexo, Edenred, and Chéque Déjeuner at the cinema box office. More information is available at:

Slatinice Spa

The Slatinice Spa is located just 12 km from Olomouc. Here you can experience the magic of a family spa, in the modern and comfortable facility. Its therapeutic spring, with water containing hydrogen sulphide, is used in treating disorders of the locomotor system, nervous system, skin, and some oncological and circulatory system diseases.

On producing your UP ID card, you can take advantage of these sales:

  • Private payer stays in the Pension Majorka***
    10% discount on the current price of the stay. Discounts do not apply to Last Minute discount stays.
  • Therapeutic procedures
    10% discount on therapeutic procedures. The discount does not apply to already discounted treatment packages.
  • 2-hour entrance to the Majorka sauna
    including towel service and a pitcher with shungite or crystal water, according to your own choice. The discount price is 220 CZK/person/2 hours.

The offer is valid from January 7th to December 31st, 2019.

Orders are taken and accepted by:
Ing. Hana Concepcionová, tel. 734 572 022, e-mail:
The current offer of stays and spa treatments can be found at

Tempish Sport

Upon presenting your UP ID card, you will get a 33% discount on all items in the shop in Šantovka. You can also get a 33% discount when purchasing through their e-shop, via entering the discount code: LNO812QV.


All employees of the university can now use preferential mobile and data tariffs. There are three options how to arrange a tariff from the T-Mobile Programme offer. Please visit any T-Mobile branch or the website  (the login password on request). You can also call the customer line (+420) 800 737 373. You will always need the T-Mobile number of the programme: 23787668. For a detailed overview of the offered tariffs, please refer to the information leaflet.

Please note that the tariff is negotiated with the operator by the employee in his / her name (or birth number), even if he / she establishes it for a family member. Taking advantage of this benefit is linked to the duration of the employment relationship and upon termination, the employee is obliged to negotiate with the operator new terms of use of the services.

In case of doubt or if you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail at or the Cellbest company via

2Seasons ski & bike

Do you need a new bike or ski equipment? Take advantage of discounts at the newly opened 2Seasons ski & bike shop in Hodolany, which sells skis, bicycles and provides repairs of ski and bicycle equipment. Upon presenting the UP card, you are entitled to a 7% discount on goods and repairs and a 2% discount on special offers or discounted goods and services, and on Sporten cross-country ski sets. More information about the shop at