Scholarships and bursaries

The students of Palacký University Olomouc may benefit from the following scholarships and bursaries:

  • merit scholarships for outstanding study results;
  • scholarships for outstanding research, development, innovation, artistic or other creative results contributing to knowledge deepening;
  • scholarships for research, development and innovation activities;
  • social bursary in situations of students’ social hardship (under Section 91(3) of the Higher Education Act);
  • accommodation bursaries for students whose place of permanent residence is outside the district of Olomouc or for holders of disability cards.

The rules for awarding scholarships and bursaries are defined by the Scholarships and Bursary Code of Palacký University.

Contact the study office of your faculty to learn more about scholarships and bursaries.

Merit scholarship

The dean of the faculty may award merit scholarships to students who have achieved outstanding study results. Study average during the standard length of study is used to assess the study results. The merit scholarship may also be awarded if the student completed a relevant part of the studies at other faculties or higher education institutions where the courses were recognized by the dean of the respective faculty. The merit scholarship may be paid as a lump sum or on a regular basis. The merit scholarship may not be awarded if a Bachelor or an Master student has not achieved a minimum average of 60 credits in the preceding academic years. Further details including, without limitation, the relevant period of studies, required study average, or form of payment, may be determined by the dean.

Scholarships for research, development and innovation activities

Research means an active, consistent and systematic scientific activity to discover or interpret facts. To support students’ research, students may be awarded scholarships for research, development and innovation activities. The scholarship constitutes public support of research carried out by students as part of their accredited PhD or Master's programmes of study and related to their education. Scholarships for research, development and innovation activities may be paid as a lump sum or on a regular basis.

J. L. Fischer Scholarship to foreign doctoral students

Palacký University Olomouc announces the competition for the J. L. Fischer Grant for the academic year 2018/19. This grant is designated for 18 future students on doctoral study programmes in foreign languages at seven faculties of Palacký University, at an annual amount of € 3–11 000 in order to cover the costs in connection with studying. You may apply in electronic form at the individual faculties.

For more information about scholarships, visit your Faculty web page: