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All the necessary information about your courses (electronic student administration called STAG), university e-mail, manuals and instructions (e.g. wi-fi connection), maps and plans of the university buildings, or canteen orders can be found at UP Portal. It is an important gateway to all information and you might have to use it on a daily basis.


Log in the Portal UP

In order to be able to log in the Portal UP, you have to first set up your password.

1. Go to your Erasmus+ online application form and click on the link in the upper right corner

2. Enter your date of birth and create a password

After these steps, you should be able to log in the Portal UP. We highly recommend you to search through the Portal UP application. Information on what else you can do with Portal UP are available at UP wiki.


STAG, in other words Students´ Agenda, is an online study management and record tool. It manages study programmes, curricula, courses, registering for courses and exams, grade records and many other features.

You can get to STAG on Portal UP by clicking on a little banner called STAG. The login to Portal UP is the same as to STAG.

Make sure to ask your Erasmus coordinator whether you should register for courses on paper by filling out the Exchange Student Enrolment Form or whether to register yourself online through STAG.


Registration for courses

You can only register to your courses after your arrival to the Palacký University. During Orientation Week, you will learn how to register the courses through STAG. If you miss the Orientation week, or are still not sure how to register the courses, make sure to get in touch with your Erasmus coordinator.

You can check beforehand the courses that the Palacký University offers to the foreign students in the section Exchange students.

If your Erasmus coordinator confirmed that you can do the registration to the courses on your own online through STAG, you can go to the My study section and click on Předzápis? And look up the course you are interested in by its code.

Through registering for your courses you will get your own individual schedule and study plan. You will be able to see your schedule by clicking on My study section.

ID cards

Every student at the Palacký University gets an ID card called ISIC. If the length of studies is longer than one month and the students do not own an ISIC card from their home or an UP standard blue ID card and they would like to own a Palacký University card, students can pay the deposit 200 CZK and 250 CZK license fee. 

With ISIC, you can then pay for your meals at university canteens, print and copy documents in the library, or get discounts at fitness centers, shops, restaurants, for entrance fees, etc. More information about ISIC use in the Czech Republic at .

You can find ID card details on your UPOL portal account. -> Here is a  manual on how to do it.


You can go to University canteens for lunch during the day but first you have to make sure that your ISIC card has been charged with some money. To top up the balance on your card, go to the charging terminals at the library desks – for example in the Central Library Zbrojnice. In case you are not sure what your balance is, you can also see it on the right upper side of the canteen app.

Once you have charged your ISIC card, you can log in the Portal UP and click on a banner called Canteen. On the left side of the app Canteen, you see a calendar to choose a day for which you would like to order the meal. You should also pay special attention to the location of canteen that you are ordering your meal at. Right under the calendar it says “Canteen” and you can choose one of the six based on your preference of location.

After choosing a date and location of where you would like to eat your lunch, choose from one of the offered meals of the menu by clicking on the plus sign and then confirm your order by clicking on the green button “confirm” right under your current balance.

In case you are not able to make it for your pre-ordered lunch, you can tick your order in the below section “Orders” the cancel option and again confirm with the green button right above. Then your meal order goes to an exchange from which other people can buy your lunch from you. Unfortunately, if no one buys your lunch, the money for it will still be deducted from your account. 

You can also order your meal in the canteen itself. However, there is no guarantee that there will still be meals to choose from as usually they tend to get sold out.

Using ISIC card for copying and printing

With the ISIC card you can make copies and print out documents at computer labs and faculty libraries. The ISIC card also serves for the payment for these services. You can charge (top up) the card at designated charging terminals at the library desks. Also, there are copy centres in the city centre, which accept any electronic storage device to make copies and print. On average, rates range from 1 to 2 CZK per A4 page.

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