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Dear employees,


The first summer newsletter of this year is also the last one before the holidays. We would therefore like to start by reminding you of some operational information that is regularly associated with the summer period at the university. All canteens and bistros will be closed for the whole of next week (from 4 to 10 July) and then their opening hours will be adjusted until 11 September. The university library (in the Armoury/Zbrojnice and faculty branches), the script room and the UPoint will also change the opening hours.


Although classes in the winter semester will start at most faculties on 19 September, university life does not die down, so you can look forward to our newsletter and yours in July and August. You can find when that will be, along with its archive, on this page. Now you are waiting for Rector Martin Procházka's summer wish, which we are happy to join.

Dear colleagues, dear students,


The end of the academic year is approaching, and the time of holidays and summer vacations is beginning. It is also a good opportunity for me to thank you for your work over the past period. We have had another challenging period, which has been influenced by both the covid pandemic and the war conflict in Ukraine. I am confident that we have all handled it more than with honour.


Before last year's holidays, I wished us all that we could meet face to face again in the next academic year. I am delighted that this has been possible thanks to all of you, thanks to our joint efforts, our flexible reactions in the face of constantly changing conditions, our efforts to find solutions, and our responsible approach to all measures.


The real pride I felt was in the moments when we came together as a university and got involved in helping Ukraine, which is affected by the war. I consider the activities developed in this sense by our Volunteering Centre, individual faculties and other parts of UP to be a great example of how our university can subscribe in words and deeds to democratic principles and humanitarian ideals so crucial for maintaining balance in human society.


The period of summer holidays and vacations is upon us, and I would like to wish you many pleasant moments spent with your loved ones. Enjoy the sunny days and moments of well-deserved rest. At the same time, take care of yourselves during your summer travels so that we can reunite safely no later than the beginning of the new academic year.


I wish you all a wonderful summer!


Martin Procházka

New Head of the UP Personnel Management Office

In mid-June, the Head of the UP Personnel Management Office (Oddělení řízení lidských zdrojů –OŘLZ) of Palacký University became Mgr. Markéta Šupplerová. The former methodologist of this office succeeded in the selection procedure, which was attended by 8 candidates. OŘLZ provides the complete agenda of labour relations of RUP employees and university facilities, except for SKM, and methodologically manages employees of HR departments at all UP units. For example, it takes care of the HR information system, employee benefits, employee evaluation and training, selection procedures and much more (in Czech). The department also manages the agenda of the European Commission's HR Award for the implementation of the HR strategy for researchers, prepares the Gender Equality Plan or takes care of various projects and programmes (e.g. Horizon Europe).

Rector's Award for volunteers from the ranks of UP students, alumni and staff

We do not punish good deeds on merit, but rather reward them. Over the past few years, including the past year, there have been countless students, employees and alumni of UP who have selflessly given their time to others – now you can nominate them for the Rector's Volunteer Award (in Czech). Online nominations (in Czech) are open until September 6, and the awards ceremony will take place at the beginning of the next academic year.

Your old mobile phones will now support gorillas

What's hiding in your old mobile phone? We may not be able to guess everything, but we'd be sure to find precious metals in it. As the name suggests, there's a shortage of them in the world, and the African rainforest, home to the lowland gorilla, is being destroyed for their extraction. Consistent recycling can help – so drop your old mobile phone into the collection tube, now found in the passageway of the Armoury opposite the Coffee Library. Thanks to the Cell Phones for Gorillas project (in Czech), we will not only save resources, but also contribute to equip the guardians of the Dja Biosphere Reserve in Cameroon.

New issue of the newsletter of the Strategy and Quality Office

Among your summer reading you can also include the new issue of the UP Strategy and Quality Department newsletter (in Czech). What will the new concept of social responsibility look like? How to evaluate the third role of our university? These are just two areas you will know more about after reading it. You will also find a comparison of the percentage of applications to Czech HEIs, news from the international evaluation or a link to the methodology for drawing funds from PROPOST. You can read it here (in Czech)..

Join our summer competition!

Would you like a gift voucher to Laser Mania worth CZK 1,000, a voucher for a purchase at UPoint for CZK 1,000, free tickets to the Fort Science or other material prizes? Just participate in the summer competition of the UP Communications Office and briefly describe your most positive experience from the last academic year connected with our/your university. We will reward the most original and funny stories and publish them anonymously on our networks. So let's do it! Send your entries to soutez@upol.cz until 11 July.

Czech Science Foundation (GACR) questionnaire

The Czech Science Foundation (Grant Agency of the Czech Republic – GACR) provides over CZK 4 billion a year for basic research – supporting hundreds of research projects from institutions across the Czech Republic every year. It is now turning primarily to those working in science and research with an anonymous questionnaire (in Czech) aimed at improving the Agency's services and seeking views on its activities. You can fill it in here (in Czech).