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The Palacký University Visual Style is a set of visual elements that make it easier for the institution to communicate externally and internally, creating a positive image. The style’s unity, consistency, and aesthetics contribute largely to the clear and undistorted identity of the institution.

The basics for the Palacký University Visual Style are its logo, colours, fonts and visual elements. Their author is the graphic artist Věra Marešová. Various merchandising items, printed and electronic publications, and other branded items are produced in accordance with the Palacký University Visual Style Guide.

The Palacký University Visual Style Guide codifies all the essential features of the UP visual style, defines obligatory rules, means of use, and gives examples and recommendations for its applications.

Palacký University Visual Style Guide (complete guide in Czech)


Neither the symbol itself nor the name of the university represents the basic university brand – the logo containing both should serve the purpose. It is to be used every time when it is appropriate to draw attention to the associating connection to Palacký University. Each of the eight faculties has its own presentable and representative colour logo versions.

By clicking on the chosen link below, you may download a complete set of logos, together with all recommended colour, spatial and language combinations. The set is divided into two folders – the first one contains the logos suitable for printed material, the other for electronic displays.

Download logos


Letterheads prepared as Microsoft Word templates ensure that your official correspondence will be representative. At the same time – due to the unified pattern used at specific faculties – they make it easier to identify the organizational unit and the organization itself, both nationally and internationally.

As practical items designed in the UP visual style, the Microsoft PowerPoint templates are convenient both to the user (professional quality tool) and to the university (they strengthen its visual recognition).

Download templates


Wallpapers offer a design feature addition in the UP visual style for individual users. The dark background is chosen for the optical contrast between the screen and the light colour of most of the icons.

Download wallpapers


This is the most individual and variable feature of the UP visual style. It offers a certain variety of order of information and the ratio of the size and colour selection of the additional sans-serif Arial font. The position of the logo has two reasons: lesser space and smaller resolution in various e-mail providers.

Guide for e-signatures

Stationery and business cards

You may choose from various stationery products that you can obtain in the university visual style with your personal data. The UP Communications Office offers you prepress processing and production of your items in the Palacký University Visual Style.

New business cards are designed in uniform grey and blue colours in dimensions of 85 x 55 mm. Offset printing technology with direct colours, a matte laminate finish and a partially varnished university logo allows us to produce high quality business cards that you will be proud of. The names of the faculties, departments and workplaces are listed in the text field of the business card under the personal name. The academic titles are only in Czech versions, for the English version we adopted the custom to give the names without them.

New letterhead papers can be printed with or without footers, either on standard offset paper or on special graphic paper.

University folders in the new design are available in blue and white versions, either in Czech or in English.

See the following examples for a quick overview of what we can produce for you. When ordering, please fill in the form below.

Ordering of stationery and business cards

Please fill in all fields in the ordering form. When ordering business cards and the letterhead papers, do not forget to attach a MS Word document with the source text (without formatting, individual lines should be separated by a new paragraph): name, surname, academic titles (not applicable for business cards in English) / function (work position) / workplace / address / telephone number / e-mail address / website address of the university (faculty or workplace, if a short URL or an alias exists).

Note for business cards: up to 20 different business cards can be placed on one print sheet, so it is optimal to collect data from the entire workplace. If this is not possible, send the requests individually and the UP Communications Office will join the orders from multiple workplaces so that printing is cost-effective. The optimal print-run is 100–200 pcs.

Delivery terms and calculations will be specified individually upon final proofreading.

Examples of stationary and business cards

Detailed information about the UP business cards

Ordering form

Orientation signs system

These are a navigational extension of the UP Visual Style for each new and remodelled building. Based on the Palacký University Visual Style, the orientation system comprehensively adapts to the new context, complementing materials and dimensions and combining aesthetics with functionality.

Detailed information is available in Czech.

Promotional materials

Are you preparing a conference or a visit of an interesting guest to your department? Are you going on an academic trip to another university in the Czechia or abroad? Are you interested in handing out brief reading material about Palacký University and its faculties to a visitor? Or, would you like prospective students know more about the place of their future study?

You are welcome to use the new printed promotional brochure which is designed in the Palacký University Visual Style.

Please contact Tomáš Krejčiřík ( for detailed information.

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