Rector Jaroslav Miller’s Christmas Greeting

Illustrational photo: Martin Višňa
Monday 16 December 2019, 8:00

Dear Colleagues and Students,

It’s time to wish farewell to a year in which our society commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in 1989. It was an opportunity to not only take stock of all the good which came out of building our democratic country, but it was also the right time to deservedly thank those who often made personal sacrifices for the freedom we regained.

I’m pleased that we at Palacký University could also express this gratitude. And even if this year is ending, one in which more than ever people were voicing concerns about “freedom”, “democracy”, and “the state of law”, certainly our attempt at maintaining these very fundamental values cannot end.

Dear colleagues, I would like to thank you all for all the good work you have done for our alma mater this year. I value your efforts, and would like to wish you a lovely Christmas and a successful 2020.

Jaroslav Miller

UP Rector