Faculty of Medicine Opens Top-Notch Education Centre Aesculap Academy

thursday 26. january 2017, 12:30 – Text: Velena Mazochová

State-of-the-art equipment simulating surgical performances are used by both undergraduate and postgraduate students of the UP Faculty of Medicine in the new education centre Aesculap Academy, in the premises of the Theoretical Institutes. The training of surgical skills, unavailable during assistance in the operating theatre, is enabled by top-notch simulators for laparoscopic operations and other sets of specialised simulators and various unique devices in the simulation laboratory, including a facility for preparation of teaching and biological materials.

“Our students practice their elementary surgical skills and examination methods on basic simulators. They can test their bimanual dexterity, while surgeons-to-be can perform laparoscopic gall bladder removal on a top-notch simulator. This simulator can retrospectively assess the outcome of the surgery as well as the skill of the surgeon in question,” explained Čestmír Neoral, Head of the Department of Surgery I and the main initiator of the centre’s foundation.

According to Dean Milan Kolář, the new educational centre is unparalleled in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. “It is a unique synthesis of undergraduate and postgraduate education. Students of surgery will acquire basic skills, experience, and professional habits, and as our graduates, they will continue in postgraduate study and prepare for attestation and further specialisation,” underlined Milan Kolář.