May 2018

9. May 2018, 13:00–23:30
Majáles – Olomouc Student May Festival 2018
Traditional student celebration of spring and academic liberties
9. May 2018, 17:00–18:00
1618–2018: 400th anniversary of the Bohemian Revolt
14. May 2018 – 16. May 2018
19th International Meeting of Young Linguists
International conference
15. May 2018, 08:00–12:00
Student Research Project Conference
The faculty conference of student research projects
24. May 2018, 13:30–14:30
Student discussion with Deputy Head of Mission at British Embassy
Discussion with Deputy Head of Mission at British Embassy in Prague about his experiences of working at the FCO
27. May 2018, 15:00–16:00
Heamatological consequences of nuclear accidents - lessons from Chernobyl
Lecture by Robert Peter Gale (Los Angeles, USA)
28. May 2018, 11:30–12:30
Germline and Somatic Mutations Causing Polycythemias and Evolutionary Adaptation to Hypoxia
Lecture by Josef T. Prchal (Salt Lake City, USA)