Special Needs Centre

If you need assistance because of a physical disability, please contact the Support Centre for Students with Special Needs: www.cph.upol.cz The centre is at the Faculty of Education. Counselling is available on personal request. If need be, the counselling can take place outside the Centre's premises.

Address and contact: Faculty of Education, Žižkovo nám. 5, Olomouc,
tel.: +420 585 635 323, mobile phone: +420 775 124 696,
email: lucia.pastierikova@upol.cz

Psychological counselling

Study abroad is often described as an unforgettable and entirely positive experience.
A little known fact, however, is that it is also a time of major changes and a lot of stress. At some point of your stay, you may feel down, lonely, anxious, homesick, lost in your new environment, etc. If Skyping with your family back home or hanging out with new friends does not help and you have been feeling out of place for a longer period of time, do not be afraid to ask for professional help. Contact the Counselling Centre of the Department of Psychology and Psychopathology, FoE, UP. Email: jana.kvintova@upol.cz. Likewise, students can get psychological help at the UP FoM. Contact the Study Department for more.

Career Centre

Career Centre focuses on developing students's skills, establishing relationships between students and employers, it organizes workshops and offers personal consulations. You will find them at

Address and contact: Biskupské nám. 1 (Zbrojnice library), office 1.65,
email: kariernicentrum@upol.cz, kariernicentrum.upol.cz

Science and Technology Park – Future entrepreneurs' consultancy

The Science and Technology Park of Palacký University in Olomouc (VTP UP) provides office and facility leases, consulting services and the use of the equipment and know-how of Palacký University with favourable terms. Through the Business Incubator, start-up entrepreneurs are helped in launching a business with a unique idea and plan. If you have an idea for a business, you can discuss it with the professionals at the centre. The centre offers specialised seminars as well, most of them in Czech, but from time to time in English as well.

Address and contact: Šlechtitelů 21, Olomouc-Holice, tel.: +420 585 631 420,
email: vtpup@upol.cz, www.vtpup.cz

Medical Care

Envelopa Campus (J. L. Fischer Student Dormitory, Šmeralova 10)


  • Office of the General Practitioner has been temporarily closed.

In case you need to see the doctor, please go to Olomouc University Hospital, Emergency ward located in the Surgery Clinic (blue building) - so called „urgentní příjem/pohotovost“

Office hours on working days: 3 pm – 7 am, on weekend 7 am -7 pm

Please note that every patient must pay 90 CZK fee there. It is important to take the health insurance with you! * Foreign students who cannot speak Czech are recommended to come with a Czech buddy/fellow student who can help in communication with the medical staff.

* EU citizen holding a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) needs to register the health insurance at a Czech insurance company for the time of the stay. Incoming exchange students are provided with the assistance to register EHIC after the arrival during the orientation program organized by the International Relations Office. In need of immediate medical care, go to „urgentní příjem“ only  with the EHIC card or any health insurance you possess.

To get to the Olomouc University Hospital you can use the public transport - tram no. 1, 4 or 6* direction Nová Ulice, get off at the stop Fakultní nemocnice or better take a taxi (800 15 05 05/ 800 22 30 30) to „urgent“.

* https://www.dpmo.cz/en/information-for-passengers/ticket-offices/

Ambulance should be called only in life emergency cases!

  • Dentist   MD Karolína Večeřová +420 722 947 407, (J. L. Fischer Student Dormitory, Šmeralova 10)daily 7:30 -8:30 (based on a telephone appointment for medical issues that are not immediate or urgent)

Dental Emergency (24/7) - Olomouc University Hospital, I. P. Pavlova 185/6, KÚČOCH (Dept. of Oral and Jaw Surgery).
For medical issues that require attention within 24 hours please try to come by 8 pm.
During night hours 22 -7 please come only for medical issues which require immediate care (injury, bleeding)


  • Gynaecologist   MD Veronika Lattová and MD Jaroslav Klát, Ph.D. +420 727 988 911, (J. L. Fischer Student Dormitory, Šmeralova 10)


Office hours: TUE 12-16, WED 12-18, THU 8 -16

For other medical specialists and services, visit the main Olomouc healthcare centres such as

Health Centre "Poliklinika" Olomouc, třída Svobody 32, www.poliklinikaolomouc.cz
Olomouc University Hospital, I. P. Pavlova 6, www.fnol.cz, www.fnol.cz/pdf/fnol_cz_mapa.pdf
All the doctors below from the Health Centre "Poliklinika"are guaranteed to speak English.

  • surgeon MD Ondřej Kroupa +420 585 506 233
  • gynaecologist MD Imad Hamdanieh +420 585 506 223
  • GP, psychiatrist MD Dagmar Přikrylová +420 585 506 146
  • dentist MD Radomír Hanos +420 585 506 303


There are a number of pharmacies in the centre of Olomouc. While basic medicine and vitamins or tea are available over counter, for more specialized medicine you will always need to have a prescription. If you need special medication, either bring enough for the entire duration of your stay or note down the chemical composition of the drug as the commercial names of medicine vary depending on the country. A good idea is to bring along an empty container when you go see the Czech doctor. It will help them to find a substitute.