Calendar of Events

1. October 2020 – 15. October 2020
Academia Film Olomouc
AFO55 is all about adaptation, and just like all humankind, AFO must adapt. But fear not, you won’t lose your favorite festival, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer. The pandemic caught us up to our necks at work on the preparations, and despite our best efforts in adapting to it, the festival will still suffer some losses. We don’t use the attribute “science” in our name just for show, that’s why our ad hoc strategy stems from scientific research. We have taken all the necessary measures to eliminate the risk of losing the festival all-together.  AFO55 will take place in the greatest possible, albeit a little unconventional, extent. We know that adaptation can also yield positive changes. We also know that science is about cooperation. With that in mind, AFO55 will merge with the Life Sciences partner festival, which will allow it to split into two locations: Olomouc and Prague. 
12. October 2020 – 15. October 2020
Art Education in the Time of Coronavirus
International Virtual Conference