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The largest survey to date on the risk behaviour of Czech teenagers on the Internet has been conducted by Palacký University in Olomouc. The survey was completed by 28,000 teenagers. Altogether, 40...
Scientists at the Centre of the Haná Region for Biotechnical and Agricultural Research (CHR) and the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine (IMTM) have discovered how to observe living...
Experts from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Palacký University along with their colleagues from the Veterinary Research Institute in Brno, the Institute of Organic Chemistry and...
Czech beekeepers have a new accomplice in their fight against Varroa destructor, the parasitic mite attacking honeybees. The Varroa Lamp, developed in one of the partner institutes of the Centre of...
Although we spend one-third of our lives asleep, not everyone is guaranteed peaceful and satisfactory sleep, especially with advancing age. Experts have noticed an increasing number of patients with...

Palacký University in Olomouc is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe. Drawing on more than 400-year tradition of higher education it is nowadays a renowned centre for teaching and research. University attracts students from other European and overseas countries. With 24,000 undergraduate students on eight faculties, it provides quality education and excellent background for research in the wide range of academic disciplines.

Our mission is to serve as a creative community commited to achieve high levels of distinction in science and transmission of knowledge and education of undergraduate and graduate students.

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