Porodnictví v 21. století

11. únor 2019 - 15. únor 2019

1. olomoucká zimní škola

Faculty of Health Sciences, Palacký University Olomouc, in cooperation with the University Hospital Olomouc are proud to organise the 1st Olomouc Winter School titled Midwifery in the 21st century. Apart from students and academics from Olomouc, the four-day programme will be attended by students and lecturers from partner institutions: PXL Hasselt, Belgium, and Tallinn Healthcare College, Estonia, with guest lecture and training by Barbara Kosfeld, Germany.

The general purpose of the Winter School is to present current perinatal data from participating countries; do practical training in examination techniques with focus on physiological pregnancy; acquire theoretical knowledge and improve practical skills in high-risk pregnancy and emergency situations; facilitate the implementation of EBM into practice; broaden the horizons of midwifery care; to practice and improve English communication skills and work in an international team.



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