Regime at UP as of 14 October: classes, exams, dormitories, students assigned to work duty, etc.

Tuesday 13 October 2020, 16:16

In conjunction with the new Czech government measures reacting to developments in the Covid-19 pandemic, starting 14 October there will be changes and broadening of the current regime in effect at Palacký University. You will find specific information below relating to life at UP from now until 12 December on the basis of a decision to extend the state of emergency in the Czech Republic.

Classes, exams

The ban on physical teaching remains in effect, without changes – both for regular UP students and for those in the life-long learning programme. Exceptions to the ban on physical teaching are clinical and practical teaching and internships for students studying in the educational fields 35 – General Medicine and Dentistry, 36 – Health Sciences, 8 – Pharmacy, and also education students who are doing internships at nursery schools, grammar schools, and high schools.

The ban on the physical presence of students at the university also applies to exams involving more than 10 persons.

The full text of the government resolution on schools and universities.

Dormitories, dining halls

The original government resolution on the necessity of students who have permanent addresses in the Czech Republic to vacate their dormitories was revised and mitigated by the Minister of Education on Tuesday morning, 13 October.

According to the actual specifications, the following persons can remain in the dormitories:

  • students who have been assigned to duty by the government (see below),
  • students who are taking part in clinical or practical teaching and internships (see below),
  • students for whom the university dormitory is their legal residence according to Article 80, paragraph 1, of Law No. 89/2012 Czech Law Coll., for which the student must substantiate that fact by providing a formal declaration given to their dormitory representative,
  • students who are working at UP (for example, PhD. students),
  • international students,
  • students who are currently in mandatory quarantine or isolation.

At the same time, the Czech Ministry of Education has issued the stern recommendation that all students who are able to return home should leave the dormitories as soon as possible.

If certain students have qualms about returning home due to the possibility of infecting members of their family, the Ministry of Health is offering the possibility of immediate testing of such students for Covid-19 by their mobile testing teams.

Understandingly, students who have decided to return home can leave their possessions which are not necessary to take with them in their dorm rooms for when they return to the dormitories during the winter semester. Of course we must ask you to remove all food items from refrigerators which could go off during your absence. Also remember to please close the windows and balcony doors to your rooms.

Detailed information (in Czech) from the Ministry of Education.

Dining halls will be closed to the public from 14 October; only UP employees and students will be allowed in during that time. Stricter hygienic and other measures are in effect at dining halls according to the current Czech Government measures.

Students assigned to work duty

With respect to exposure in the current situation and the lack of personnel in medical and social facilities, the following classes of UP students will be assigned to work duty:

  • fourth- and fifth-year full-time students of General Medicine,
  • fifth-year full-time students of Dentistry,
  • fifth-year full-time students of Pharmacy,
  • full-time students in their final years of Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes of non-medical healthcare professions according to Law No. 96/2004 Czech Law Coll.,
  • full-time students in their final years of single-major Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in psychology,
  • all full-time students in Master’s healthcare and psychology programmes
    (details are available on the Czech Government page,
  • full-time students in social work, social politics, social education, social care, social pathology, and special education (details at, in Czech).

These students may remain in the dormitories and wait for their possible assignments to work in healthcare and/or social facilities.

The list of all students able to be assigned to work was sent by UP to the President of the Olomouc Region on 13 October.


Working from home. Individual faculties, or the heads of workplaces at individual university units, will establish their own regimes for employees being present in offices or possibly working from home. More detailed information will be published in the days to come on the page.

Laboratories, research. For the time being, the current interpretation of the measures also prevents personal attendance of students in laboratories and elsewhere at the university for the purposes of research (incl. carrying out experiments and measurements necessary for Master’s theses and other academic work).

Consultations. Consultations between students and teachers from 14 October must take place only on-line or by telephone.