Winter semester and Covid: Don’t be alarmed, but be cautious!

friday 30. september 2022, 13:33

For UP students For UP employees

We would love to return to life at the university without hearing the words Covid-19 and coronavirus, but unfortunately, we’re not completely out of the woods yet. Nonetheless, don’t be discouraged, there are no further restrictions in this text (and we do believe things will stay that way) – we’d just like to remind you to be cautious and considerate towards yourself and those around you. Here, repetition is not only the mother of wisdom but also of health.

Despite the fact that Covid has been pushed off the news pages due to other events and there are no blanket anti-epidemic measures in force, the number of those testing positive in the Czech Republic is currently around 4 000 per day (on weekdays) and it can be expected that the number will not drop with the arrival of autumn.

The order of the day therefore is still about being considerate – something one should always have in mind – not only to those around you but also regarding our own health. We should continue to pay increased attention to hand washing, and isolate ourselves from colleagues and co-workers at the first signs of respiratory illness. We should not be afraid to use masks (respirators) if we are not feeling completely well, in order to protect those around us, or if we have concerns about our own health. Respirators for prevention are available for individual pick-up at the UP Department of Workplace and Fire Safety (BOZP – Křížkovského 8).

Following the rules and positive communication are essential

UP Management, in order to maintain a standard winter semester regime, is thus appealing to all its employees and students to faithfully maintain the rules in the case of a doctor’s order for an isolation regime; what is crucial is isolation from colleagues and fellow students – not only in offices and classrooms, but also in other settings (dormitories, social life). By now it should be obvious that one should behave similarly at the slightest suspicion of possible infection. There are several quarantine beds available at student dormitories.

UP Management is asking teachers to communicate accommodatingly toward students with respiratory difficulties. If the nature of the course permits, we advise allowing temporary remote participation in classes or substitute performance of one’s duties in order to prevent the possible spread of illness.

UP Management is encouraging employees and their supervisors to communicate effectively and accomodatingly in order to prevent the spread of illness in the workplace. If you suspect you have Covid, inform your immediate supervisor remotely (by telephone, e-mail, etc.) to discuss how to proceed further. If the suspicion persists, or if Covid is confirmed, allow your subordinates to work from home for the duration of the suspicion or for the period of ordered isolation, if the employee is interested in arranging this form of work and the nature of the work allows it. The Agreement to Work from Home is available on the university web.

Regarding preventive testing at work, contact your immediate supervisor. Employees at the Rector’s Office can pick up self-tests (if they are not available at their workplace) from the UP Occupational Health and Safety Department (BOZP – Křížkovského 8) upon prior arrangement by telephone.

In mid-summer, the Olomouc Regional Hygiene Office already issued preventative recommendations addressed primarily to health and social service providers, which also included an appeal to the greater public: “Generally, we recommend the at-risk groups in the population and the elderly when staying in enclosed areas such as waiting rooms, doctors’ offices, public transport, etc., to use a mask (respirator), to maintain hand hygiene, and last but not least, to get a timely vaccination or booster dose.”

The possibility of a fourth vaccination dose has been open since July. An overview of vaccination sites, including a detailed schedule of the available vaccines, can be found on the website

University management will permanently continue to monitor further developments in the situation. Any changes in the regime on the campus in relation to the spread of Covid-19 can be found, as always, directly on its special Covid webpages, and on other channels. It is in our common interest to do everything we can so that further measures will not be necessary.

Actual numbers of infected people in the Czech Republic and related statistics are available on the Ministry of Health website.


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