Updated: On Monday 3 May, vaccination registration opened to academic workers

monday 3. may 2021, 13:20

For UP employees

On Monday night, 3 May, the registration system for vaccination against Covid-19 was opened to academic personnel of Czech public and private universities. The registration of both groups is safeguarded via time-limited codes; academics have until 15 June to register.

Today (3 May), UP management has sent the required code to its deans through internal distribution. Individual faculties will subsequently contact their academic workers with the details. Unfortunately, the system is not open yet to non-academic workers, however attempts are still ongoing to include this group in the vaccination system.

The registration process is succinctly summed up in this informational flyer by the Ministry of Health on Vaccinating Academic Workers (in Czech).

Thank you for your patience; we believe that this is one more step on the way to a successful return to normal, pre-pandemic times.