Updated: Masks are back. Masks will be required to be worn in UP premises even during classes

thursday 17. september 2020, 17:22

For UP students For UP employees

The requirement to wear masks inside UP premises, which went into effect on 10 September, will as of Friday, 18 September also extend to classes. As the Czech Ministry of Health confirmed to UP management, students and teachers will be required to wear masks or other personal protection equipment for respiratory passages during lectures and seminars, in lecture halls and seminar rooms alike. We ask you to observe these rules and respect your colleagues and fellow students. This requirement affects not only regular classes but also the University of the Third Age.

At the same time, we are asking everyone to be responsible and use hand sanitizer, ventilate interior spaces, etc. UP will keep you informed as to any eventual further restrictions to the regime at UP; in the meantime, the rules and information published on 7 September remain in effect.

Furthermore, individual faculties may still issue their own supplemental measures with respect to the specifics of their organisation, above and beyond the recommendations of UP management. Therefore, you should regularly check the webpages of your faculty.