Updated: Graduation ceremonies at UP to take place starting in September

wednesday 6. may 2020, 13:41

For UP students For UP employees

However, due to actual course of events and specifics of each faculty we kindly ask you to follow closely the latest news and information from your faculty.

UP management, in conjunction with the deans of all faculties, has decided that this year’s graduation ceremonies will take place starting in September and the months following. However the Czech Republic decides to gradually retract emergency measures and restrictions on group events, UP – with respect to the traditional character of graduation ceremonies – has decided to put off degree awarding ceremonies to the period after the holidays. A better safety situation, open borders with neighbouring countries, and the assumption of lesser health risks should make it possible for graduation ceremonies to take place to the fullest possible extent, with graduates able to share their celebratory moments in person with a larger number of their friends and family members.

This decision applies to Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degree programmes, as well as awarding of docent titles and granting the right of professor emeritus status. Individual faculties will inform you well in advance of the graduation timetable in more detail.

Just a reminder: the date of the graduation ceremony has nothing to do with the date of finishing one’s studies nor the end of one’s student status – graduations are ceremonies where a graduate receives their degree symbolically; one’s student status ends on the day when the student successfully finishes the final part of their studies – i.e. their thesis or dissertation defence or their state degree exams – and on that day they are granted their academic title.