UP restores training and laboratory instruction for graduating and doctoral students

friday 20. november 2020, 17:17

For UP students For UP employees

The Czech Government today approved a motion by the Ministry of Health to adopt new anti-epidemic measures (the "PES" system). The reclassification to the less stringent 4th degree means (in addition to other measures) partial restoration of teaching at Palacký University. As of Wednesday, 25 November, in addition to exceptions still in force (e.g. forstudents in healthcare fields, etc.) the following will be possible at UP:

  1. To carry out training/laboratory, experimental/artistic teaching of graduating students in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, max. 20 students in a group.
  2. For all doctoral students to carry out their individual study plans.
  3. To carry out individual consultations, clinical internships and training, and reopen and use sports facilities for teaching.

More detailed information on the application and implementation of these exceptions will be provided to you by your home faculty. So please follow their information channels (web, e-mail, social networks).