UP management recommends its faculties switch to on-line teaching starting 12 October

tuesday 6. october 2020, 15:35

For UP students For UP employees

UP management, in reaction to current developments in the epidemiological situation in the Olomouc Region, recommends its faculties teach on-line starting 12 October, if possible.

This recommendation goes into effect until further notice. With respect to the individual specifics of each faculty, UP management will not require on-line teaching across the board, nevertheless it strongly recommends UP faculties to shift to on-line teaching anywhere possible. Faculties should inform their students about the form of instruction which will take place starting 12 October by Friday, 9 October, at the latest.

The recommendation is made in conjunction with the government and public health authority measures currently in effect. In the case of further restrictions or changes in those measures in the coming days, these recommendations by UP management may of course also change.