Regulations for entry to the Czech Republic (as of 15 February), possibilities for Covid-19 testing

tuesday 16. february 2021, 8:23

For UP students For UP employees

As of 15 February, new, slightly modified rules go into effect regarding entry to the Czech Republic from abroad – for Czech citizens and non-citizens alike. They apply to all those visiting or returning from abroad for stays longer than 12 hours. The entire measures can be read in this PDF.

  • A table by the Czech Ministry of the Interior summarises the entry rules.
  • Some exceptions continue to be valid, including border-crossing students who regularly (at least once a week) cross the Czech border – see point I.5. f) of the above-mentioned measures.
  • We recommend employees also read page 16 of the measures (in Czech)The section Kdy jít do práce a kdy se testovat po příjezdu ze zahraničí? [When to go to work and when to get tested after returning from abroad] describes what to do in specific cases after returning from abroad.
  • There have been additions since the last measures issued to points I.5. e), i), j), k); I.7.k); I.19.; III.6) and 7).

The protective measures also include this essential information:

  • Countries are divided into 4 categories according to risk of infection levels – low (green), medium (orange), high (red), and very high (dark red) – and accordingly, there are separate conditions for entry to the Czech Republic (points I.2., I.3., and I.4.). When returning from medium, high, and very high risk countries, travellers are also required to fill out an electronic Public Health Passenger Locator form.
  • In some cases, recognition of an antigen test is also possible, and it is also taken into account whether the entering person has already had Covid-19 and has a confirmation of this according to the previous given conditions (point I.5h).
  • I.13 points out the requirement to wear a respirator or medical mask for 10 days after arriving in the Czech Republic when returning from countries with medium, high, and very high levels of infection risk.
  • I.14 and I.15 point out the requirement of employers in regard to their employees returning from abroad (entry forbidden to workplaces in lieu of providing necessary documents and confirmations).
  • I.16 points out the requirement to inform the employer of trips lasting longer than 12 hours to countries with medium, high, and very high risk levels.

All information on the conditions for entry to Czechia can be found on a special webpage of the Ministry of the Interior.


Possibilities for Covid-19 testing in Olomouc/Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic one can currently submit to an antigen or PCR test. Antigen testing is free only for those who have Czech public health insurance (i.e. Czech citizens, people with permanent residency in the Czech Republic, employees of firms with headquarters in the Czech Republic). International students (including Slovaks) must pay for the tests themselves. The price is around 351 CZK. PCR testing costs about 1700 CZK.

In Olomouc, antigen and PCR tests can be arranged at Fakultní nemocnice Olomouc (University Hospital Olomouc) and Vojenská nemocnice Olomouc (Olomouc Military Hospital – Hradisko). The complete list of testing centres in the Czech Republic can be found on this map.