Regime at UP: summer semester, classes, testing, etc. (Last update: 10 May)

monday 10. may 2021, 10:50

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Current rules for teaching, exams and dormitories at UP

As of 10 May a new government measure regulating the form of teaching at schoools has been in force. Within universities, it allows practical and clinical lessons and training of all students and exams in presence, if there is a distance of minimally 1.5 meters between individual persons. A component of the in-person teaching for students is mandatory weekly testing for Covid-19. A negative test is a prerequisite for taking part in lessons, as well as mandatory wearing respirators in inside premises.

Currently, the following teaching activities are allowed in presence at UP:

  1. practical, lab, experimental, and artistic lessons and training for students;
  2. examinations, if there is a distance of minimally 1.5 meters between individual persons
  3. individual consultations between one teacher and one student.

Czech students are prohibited from residing in university dormitories including university facilities if they have another residence within the Czech Republic, with the exception of students who are attending classes mentioned in items 1 and 3. Foreign students can stay at dormitories without regard to their field of study. Details on UP dormitory rules can be found on the UP Accommodation and Dining webpage (in Czech).


Testing of employees and students for covid-19

Mandatory weekly testing of employees for covid-19 is currently taking place at UP on the basis of government regulations. Employees without a negative test cannot work inside UP premises. As of 26 April antigen testing is mandatory for students attendning classes, too. Details here.

As of 3 May academic workers can register themselves in the system for vaccination against Covid-19.


Library services

The UP Central Library at the Zbrojnice/Armoury and all faculty branches still remain closed. Books can be borrowed under the existing special contactless regime.