Recommendation on work regimes with respect to the actual situation at UP

thursday 12. march 2020, 13:29

For UP employees

In conjunction with the actual situation, the temporary closing of all elementary schools, some nursery schools, and the spread of the COVID-19 infection, we recommend that UP employees with small children that if interested they be allowed (if the nature of their work allows it) to work from home under the normal conditions of their work load. For preventative reasons, we recommend the same for pregnant women, our colleagues of more advanced age, and those with chronic illnesses – as well as those in other legitimate situations.

All conditions of alternative work regimes are up to the individual faculty deans and workers’ supervisors, and it is necessary to consult with them on the conditions in advance.

At this point we also remind employees of the possibility to take advantage of caretaker’s compensation in situations when they must stay home with children younger than ten years of age.

In addition, we remind all that the rules on home quarantine and home convalescence are still in effect. If any of these situations applies to you, contact your supervisor and arrange matters with them regarding the particulars of your absence (work from home, worker’s compensation, etc.)

UP Management