Open UP: Changes in the university regime starting Monday, 24 May

thursday 20. may 2021, 12:23

For UP students For UP employees

Resumption of in person teaching and exams regime

UP is slowing returning to normal. Developments in the epidemic situation are improving and instilling a bit of optimism, which is reflected in the latest government measure (in Czech), which will allow in person teaching starting 24 May for all UP students. Despite this loosening of restrictions, it will unfortunately not apply to the majority of students, due to the end of the semester, so let us take this as a positive indication that normal life and student élan will return to the university, something which has been sorely missed throughout academia.

Exams may take place in person, during which it will be necessary to maintain a 1.5 metre distance, and of course wear a respirator and fulfil the conditions of a negative test result (see below).

As to what form teaching and exams will take place in these last weeks of the semester, you will be informed in detail by your home faculty and department. As well, exams and teaching may continue to take place online.

Life-long Learning courses

Life-long Learning courses fall under the extraordinary government measures for shops and services (in Czech), specifically Paragraph I.3. In short, life-long learning courses can be held in person, only up to 50% capacity of the room, and at the same time with the presence of maximum 50 persons (indoors) or 100 persons (outdoors). Understandably, the necessity to wear respirators or other equally effective personal protection of breathing passages remains in effect, as well as the necessity of a negative test result or providing confirmation of having been fully vaccinated or having had Covid-19 (details can be found in Paragraph I.18).

Testing at UP

Regular, weekly testing sof UP students and employees will continue, which is a condition for those who enter UP buildings. In the case of providing a negative antigen test from a certified testing place outside UP for those returning to studies/work from 18 May, the rule in effect (government regulation, in Czech) is that this test must have been conducted within the last 72 hours. Afterwards, the student or employee can enter into ongoing, regular weekly testing.

Mandatory testing does not apply to those who present a certificate of complete vaccination, having been concluded at least 14 days prior, nor for those who present confirmation that they have had Covid-19 in the last 90 days and have concluded their mandatory isolation. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is still necessary to wear a respirator within UP premises indoors.

Working from home

With respect to regular testing at UP and the easing of the epidemic situation, it is no longer necessary to work from home to the greatest extent possible. Despite this, understandably it is remains possible that some employees will conclude contracts with their supervisors to work from home.