Number of students in quarantine significantly reduced

monday 20. april 2020, 14:00

For UP students For UP employees

A total of 145 students who have spent several weeks living in quarantine in closed sections of a UP dormitory were tested on Thursday, April 16th and Sunday, April 19th for the presence of the new type of coronavirus. We are happy to report that the number of infected students has drastically declined, and dozens of students who have recovered are now free to leave quarantine.

Before Thursday’s testing, there were 52 infected students in quarantine and 93 students in protective quarantine who had been in contact with those infected during the disease’s incubation period. After the results of Thursday’s and Sunday’s testing the situation is as follows:

  • At the General Svoboda dormitory, 28 students exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 remain in quarantine. These students will be tested every 5 days until they have completely recovered.
  • 4 students with negative results will remain in preventive quarantine.
  • 113 students (having either recovered or who were in preventive quarantine) after repeated testing who do not exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19 are therefore free to leave the General Svoboda quarantine bloc. Some of the foreign students in this group will now be able to return home and make use of their countries’ repatriation connections.

We wish all those who are infected a speedy recovery; and for those who have recovered, we wish them calmer days and a happy return home.