New rules at UP as of 5 October: No extreme changes – teaching of singing and sporting activities suspended

friday 2. october 2020, 13:01

For UP students For UP employees

As of Monday, 5 October 2020, new measures and restrictions go into effect in the Czech Republic in conjunction with the ongoing situation of the Covid-19 epidemic.

These are not blanket measures affecting the operations of universities; it depends entirely upon the green-orange-red status of individual regions according to the Czech Ministry of Health. In addition, the individual regional public health authorities enter into further restrictions on the operations of schools, including universities. The situation in the Olomouc Region is considered by the public health authorities as stable, thus the Olomouc Regional Public Health Authority for the time being has not indicated shutting down Palacký University (UP). Thus as of Monday, 5 October, physical classes may continue to take place at UP, observing the measures and recommendations already in place, however with the new exception of vocal (singing) classes and sporting activities, during which higher concentrations of water droplets are created in the immediate environment, likely increasing the risk of transmission of contagious diseases of a respiratory nature, according to the Regional Public Health Authority. These physical activities are hereby suspended from 5–18 October 2020 as per the Regional Public Health Authority management. Olomouc Regional Public Health Authority measures (in Czech)

The current situation at UP is being regularly and thoroughly consulted with the public health authorities and leading experts. Up to the present hour, all possible alternatives are being discussed, during which the above-mentioned experts have recommended keeping physical classes at UP, under a safe and partially restricted regime.

However, it is still valid that individual faculties can issue their own supplemental measures, with respect to the specifics of their study programmes, so you should continue to follow the information issued directly from your faculty (the link page to individual faculties is located at

The following measures and recommendations remain in effect:

  • If a UP student or employee of UP feels any symptoms of illness, stay away from the rest of the community until they subside, and in case of persisting symptoms contact your doctor.
  • It is recommended to conduct physical classes for small groups of students (seminars, tutorials), and lectures for larger groups of students can take place in the form of distance learning.
  • • Obviously, it is essential to thoroughly maintain the rule of masks, hand sanitiser, and distance. Taking precautions to cover breathing passages, conduct rigorous hygiene, hand sanitising, and to maintain a social distance of two metres continue to be the way to reduce the risk of spreading disease. Let’s be responsible and conscientious to one another. In this way we protect ourselves, our colleagues, and respectively the operations of the university.

The information given above can change given developments in the situation, thus we will continue to inform you in case of all changes and/or implementation of stricter rules for classes on the webpage at