New information regarding students who have tested positive for COVID-19

sunday 5. april 2020, 20:40

For UP students For UP employees

In the past few days there has been a concentrated effort on testing UP foreign students for the presence of the new type of coronavirus, and further testing will be carried out in cooperation with the Olomouc Regional Health Authority, planned in the connection with the development of the situation.
On Sunday 5 April, UP was informed of 21 new positive tests for the presence of COVID-19 in students residing in UP dormitories. All the cases are marked by slight or unnoticeable symptoms.

All foreign students were strongly recommended to return home two weeks ago. Some of the students stayed in Olomouc to fulfill their study requirements; others could not return home due to international restrictions.

UP is in contact with the consulates of their countries and will provide maximum cooperation if and when foreign students will have the opportunity to return to their homelands.

Those students who have tested positive have been placed into quarantine inside a specially isolated dormitory building, in separate rooms. Within the quarantine regime they have been provided with telephone consultations, meal delivery, and means of obtaining other necessary supplies thanks to a system of volunteers, all the while maintaining strictest hygienic measures.