Information about picking up personal belongings from the dormitories

thursday 9. april 2020, 16:00

For UP students Accommodation and dining

Dear Students, we would like to share information with respect to your belongings at (and their removal from) UP dormitories. Be aware that this information is valid based on the actual daily situation and may change on the basis of further developments. Please read this carefully, and we thank you in advance for your understanding in the case of further changes, of which you will be informed.

Regardless of the chosen option for remaining in the dormitories, some of you have been asking about the possibility of picking up your personal belongings from UP dormitories. In the case of opting out of your dorm contract, you still must arrive at the dormitory during office hours of the dorm representative of the given dorm. There are different rules in operation at different dorms.

B. Václavek, Šmeralova, 17. listopadu, E. Rošický, and Neředín I–IV dormitories: Students may pick up their belongings from these dorms at any time during the day. Be aware that all these dormitories are at present operating at “night time” status: i.e., doors are locked and entrance is possible via ringing reception and only for authorised and card-carrying (ISIC) students.

J. L. Fischer and Chválkovice dorms: With respect to the current physical occupancy of these dorms (cca 23 and 15 students, respectively), we are considering the possible closure of these dorms, which would allow us to shift our personnel to dormitories more in need. If this occurs, students staying here will be notified at least a week in advance. At present it is possible to remove one’s belongings at any time during the day; if and when these dorms are closed, then it will be possible upon prior agreement with your dormitory representative.

General Svoboda B dorm: This building is now serving as a quarantine area for exchange programme students who have tested negative or are yet untested. Only a few other students still have belongings here and we have already made individual agreements with them; we’re still waiting to hear back from two of them.

General Svoboda A dorm: This building is now serving as a quarantine area for foreign students who have tested positive; the situation here is the most complex at present. While in principle the top two floors are not housing students, we are speaking here of students’ belongings from three floors: i.e. the ground floor, the first storey, and the second storey. In the second half of April (the exact date is being determined), we will be carrying out surface disinfection here via ozone, which safely liquidates microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) dangerous to the health. After disinfection, you will be able to safely remove your personal belongings and take them in a guaranteed disinfected area out from your room and dormitory. We will be notifying students from this dorm a week ahead of time, asking them to take their belongings and clean out their room at a specific time on a specific day. Students who are not able/do not want to pick up their things will be notified that we will move their belongings out via a commission on our own. Said belongings will be kept in storage outside the GSA dorm, and their owners will be notified of a substitute date to pick them up. Cleaning out this dormitory is necessary because its operations are not contingent upon the end of the state of emergency but upon the health situation of the foreign students housed here.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.