End of the work-from-home regime

thursday 30. april 2020, 9:56

For UP employees

Dear colleagues,

with respect to the actual development of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and in conjunction with the relaxation of emergency measures by the Government of the Czech Republic, I am ending the work-at-home regime for all employees of the UP Rector’s Office and ancillary central units.

As of Monday, 4 May 2020, employees can return to their offices.

Subsequent assignment of work-from-home is in the powers of the employees’ supervisors. This step should be taken by them only in exceptional, legitimate cases – e.g., for employees whose jobs in the coming weeks and months are crucial for the full function of UP and are older than 60, and workers who are caring for preschool-aged children and elementary schoolchildren while nursery schools and elementary schools remain closed.

When working in the office at UP, it will be necessary to observe all valid hygiene rules, to wear facemasks, use disinfectants, and keep safe distances.

Cleaning of Rector’s Office spaces has been intensified, and all surfaces are regularly cleaned with viricidal agents. Disinfection gel will be provided to workers’ offices by supervisors upon request of the building manager(s). Facemasks will be available at the Rector’s Office porter’s lodge.

I recommend the decision to end work-from-home across the university, but I will leave it up to the deans at the individual faculties, and to the directors of university facilities.

With best regards,
Jaroslav Miller