Dining halls to stay open: plus, you may now take your meals to go

saturday 14. march 2020, 15:13

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In conjunction with the government measures in place as of 14 March, we would like to assure you that university dining halls (with the exception of the one at Šmeralova, which is temporarily closed) will continue to remain open for UP students and employees.

In addition, as of Monday, March 16th, UP Accommodation and Dining has prepared something new: the sales of refrigerated fast food, which you make get as take out. In the online WebKredit system, you will be able to order soup and from three main dishes one day in advance and pick up the food to go on the next day. Once home the food can reheated in a microwave oven. The fee for the special take-out packaging is 8 CZK, 5 CZK for soups. The number of such meals will be limited, but we believe that for some it will be a welcome bonus in these days of emergency. More detailed information can be found on Facebook and on the web pages skm.upol.cz.