Change regarding mandatory respirator wearing at UP

tuesday 8. june 2021, 13:38

For UP students For UP employees Accommodation and dining

Based on the latest government measure (in Czech), as of Tuesday, 8 June, there is a change in the rules regarding the wearing of respirators on UP premises. Once again respirators and nano face masks can be removed:

  • at exams, if there is at least two metres’ distance between each student and teacher;
  • during physical classes if students are sitting at desks (the teacher lecturing may also remove their respiratory protection);
  • as elsewhere within the Olomouc Region, at work when only co-workers are present in offices.

Respiratory protection can also be removed by athletes or persons exercising, people in swimming pool premises, etc., choirs when singing and during the period of the event, dormitory residents when in their rooms, and dining hall and Fresh UP bistro customers when consuming food and drinks, if they are sitting at the table.

Please be considerate of your colleagues: we are urging mutual respect. Taking off respirators is only an option, not a mandate. If a student or employee feels discomfort due to an absence of respiratory protection in any of the above situations, we ask for collegial resolution and mutual agreement.