Borrowing books from UP Library possible once again from 11 January (Last update: 24 January)

sunday 24. january 2021, 14:05

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Due to the current anti-epidemic restrictions of level 5 of the anti-epidemic system PES, the Palacký University Library (Armoury and all other branches) remains closed until further notice. However, as of 11 January borrowing book from university library is possible once again (details below).

Fines for late returns are suspended from 18 December 2020 to 8 February 2021. Previous loans are extended automatically.

How to borrow a book from UP Library from 11 January?

  • Ordering books for loan and collecting them is supposed to be arranged via e-mailing the addresses (or phoning the numbers) listed on website of UP Library
  • When ordering books it is necessary to provide the book’s call number (“signature”), your name, surname, the year of your birth, and the ID number of your ISIC card. 
  • As soon as the books are ready for loan, you will receive an e-mail with information on how and where to collect them.

Rules for borrowing:
It is possible to borrow reference books.
• The maximum number of books a student can borrow is 15.
• Books should be returned via the “biblioboxes” (located opposite the porter’s lodge in Zbrojnice (Armoury), in front of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry building, in front of the Faculty of Physical Education dining hall, and in front of the Faculty of Science building at the Envelopa campus). In special cases, and with prior agreement on e-mail, it is also possible to return books using postal services.

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