2021 Summer Semester at UP to commence on-line

friday 5. february 2021, 15:15

For UP students For UP employees

UP management, after discussions with the deans of its individual faculties and with respect to current developments in the epidemic situation and the recommendations of the Ministry of Education, has decided that teaching at the start of the summer semester will take place primarily on-line. With respect to the specific demands of some faculties, there may be exceptions in practical and practical-theoretical subjects, which could take place in person when observing the epidemic safety measures which remain in force.

More detailed information about the teaching regime at individual faculties can be found on their webpages or their other information channels.

The form of instruction later in the summer semester will be determined by developments in the epidemic situation, the establishment of government measures, and exceptions granted by the Ministry of Education. During any kind of return to physical teaching, UP will assess all risks, especially in those study programmes where smaller groups are not possible, and will do its best to avoid mixing groups and study years. In the event of a higher risk level, study programmes will continue to take place on-line.