AFO: Visual Noise

3. August 2021, 20:00 – 22:00

Lecture, workshop, screening

The monitoring and identification of visual noise will also continue in the summer. How do we obtain and record the data?  How do we receive it and when does it become information? The cycle includes lectures, a workshop and screenings.

The flag is a mundane object that is crying out for rediscovery. Best in Design winners Julie Dítětová and Jáchym Moravec have created the first detailed manual for the Czech flag, an interactive presentation on how to fold it and fly it. And about the possible existence of a secret cabal of flag people.

Sweetgrass (2009, 101 min, director: Lucien Castaing-Taylor, producer: Ilisa Barbash)
Cowboys, sheep, horses, lassoes, herding dogs and sweet grass. Sweetgrass can seem like a documentary adaptation of Brokeback Mountain. However, they differ in their protagonists: in Sweetgrass, the best performance is turned in by the landscape itself. Scrambling over the steep slope from the vantage point of a ram is as close as one can get in a film to demolishing Kant’s the “thing-in-itself”.

Host: Zdeněk Rychtera