International Spring School on Visualization

7. April 2021 - 9. April 2021

International conference

Geovisualisation is a broad term referring to a visualisation of geospatial phenomena. It has been gradually gaining its importance for more than 20 years. Moreover, various forms of geovisualisations are now penetrating many disciplines that do not primarily focus on working with geospatial data. Therefore, it is important to raise the awareness of the basic principles of geovisualisation techniques and educate future practitioners about the proper design and application of geovisualisations.

The International Spring School on Visualization (ISSonVis) offers an opportunity for the encounter of students, scholars, and experts in the field of geovisualisation. It is designed to introduce students to contemporary advances in geovisualisation covering aspects of map design, web cartography, desktop publishing and others via a series of lectures, workshops and practical sessions. Teaching and learning sessions will be led and supervised by well-known experts in the geovisualization. Moreover, the Spring School strives to establish an open platform for participants to bring their experiences, ideas, data, and projects to share, work, present, and discuss. The Spring School primary focus is to provide and transfer new geovisualisation skills, techniques, and knowledge both ways – from scholars/experts to the students, and vice versa.

The International Spring School 2021 is designed to be ONLINE and dedicated to students (Bachelor, Master, PhD).
Online Venue: Department of Geoinformatics (Palacký University Olomouc, Czechia) via GatherTown webtool

Topics: Visual analytics, spatial and temporal data visualization, mapmaking in open source geospatial tools, multivariate mapping


  • Menno-Jan Kraak (University of Twente, Netherlands)
  • René Sieber (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Aileen Buckley (Esri, USA)
  • Topi Tjukanov (Gispo, Finland)
  • Gennady and Natalia Andrienko (Fraunhofer Institute IAIS, Germany & City, University of London, UK)

Local organizers and “buddies”:

  • Vít Voženílek – Spring School 2021 coordinator and supervising lecturer
  • Vít Pászto – Spring School 2021 coordinator and admin support
  • Rostislav Nétek, Alena Vondráková, Stanislav Popelka – experts’ buddies

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Department of Geoinformatics, Faculty of Science