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13. February 2019, 18:00 – 21:00

Poetry reading of Martin Reiner, Adam Hošek, Zdeňka Pospíšilová

Poetry reading, where Home smells like fresh coffee with a tinge of black snow and hot chocolate tastes like childhood paradise. The reading is in Czech, but if you want to take a sip of true poetry, you will understand nevertheless.

The readers are:

MARTIN REINER - successful writer, publisher, father, poet all-in-one. Helped give birth to the success of Michal Viewegh and Petr Stančík. His verses dance.

ADAM HOŠEK - student of Czech linguistics qualified for some real and concise poetry sweet like love and bitter as the famous Czech "Turek" coffee grounds.

ZDEŇKA POSPÍŠILOVÁ - as good as a poet she cooks her verses in her familiar surroundings, with a will to see "through dusk and dawn". Travels from Brno, just like Reiner.


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