12th International Teaching Week

9. April 2018 - 13. April 2018

Classes in English

The ITW is a small teaching event with big impact. During the 12th ITW we welcome 12 teachers (5 from UK, 5 from Iran, 1 from Poland, and 1 from Romania). They will teach classes in the field of sport sciences for altogether about 400 students.

The ITW was developed as a tool of "internationalization at home" and as a motivational feature of English language classes. Once in a semester, students of Bachelor’s degree have, instead of their regular English language class, a lecture/seminar/workshop in a class or a gym with an international, English speaking teacher. This is the core of the ITW but classes of the ITW teachers are also included in other courses related to their field of expertise according to the teaching topic/s they offer.


Faculty of Physical Culture


Faculty of Physical Culture (NA309, NA330)